You mean I can’t eat for how long??

You mean I can’t eat for how long??


Currently typing this with Oakley in my lap, and she decided to take a quick little stroll across my keyboard, so she was the creative mind behind that aggressive ‘friends’. She is just very passionate about her work apparently, and pretty stoked to be on the blog with her first collab. Now one thing she and I have in common, besides our love of sleep, cuteness, and inability to stand up to Seager, is our strict eating schedule. However Oakley is currently on the ‘eat a lot, get big’ diet, while I am working on the ‘intermittent fasting’ diet.

My shotgun “writer” (that’s funny, right??)

Shoes: Steve Madden | Pants: Lululemon | T-shirt: Free People | Jacket: North Face

The diet term should be used very loosely when referring to this eating plan, because it is more about training your body with specific eating times, compared to the dreaded ‘diet’ which cuts out all of your favorite foods.

So no surprise here, my girl, Whitney Simmons, made me want to try this out. I started intermittent fasting a little more than a month ago, so I am finally feeling like I sorta kinda can talk about my experience with it thus far. Let me first start by telling you what the plan is, pretty much you eat for 8 hours of the day, and no other times besides that. It is super simple and probably has a much more in-depth definition if you go searching for it, but you should just take my word for it, because we’re friends, ya know?

If you asked me how it was going on the 4th day of my intermittent fasting, I would have answered with “Terribly, I am hangry all of the freakin time, and how soon can I eat a donut?” But now a month or so in, and I am feeling mighty fine like a bottle of wine (wine is gross, I don’t know why I said that).. But honestly, intermittent fasting has been the best non-diet diet EVER.

I set my eating time from 12-8 daily. I like a late start because I am not a breakfast-needing gal anyway, and some days I teach later spin/boxing at night, so I HAVE to be able to eat after, or else I will literally believe I am withering away to nothing.  During those 8 hours, you do not have full freedom to eat WHATEVER it is you want, but it is an open invitation to eat 2 (or so) huge, healthy meals to keep you feeling fuller longer.

If I’m being honest, at first it sucks.. because your body is not used to not being able to eat for 16 hours (good news is 7ish hours of that is sleepy time). At the beginning, I would wake up at 6:30 for class, and not be able to eat for the first 6 hours of the day, and often felt as if I would kill for a morsel of food.. But as time goes on, the body is trained to understand when to used stored nutrients instead of going into panic mode, and of course when to be ready to eat. At this point, I can now go up to 7 hours in the morning before eating, and feel A-Okay to go about my day and even workout.

Now my advice to you when starting this plan is to take it slow. If at the beginning you finish your 8 hours of eating and feel absolutely starved, eat a little more.. or maybe you stuffed your pie hole all day and have an hour left before your fast starts, but you literally feel like you might explode if you put one more blueberry in your mouth, stop eating. It is important to listen to your body and continue to fill its needs. I would also recommend sticking it out for at least two weeks to see if you like or dislike it.. because if I quit when I first disliked it, I would have been one day in, and not here talking about it with you now. And last but not least, unless you’re Blake Lively, you’re not perfect.. so sneaking some pizza 2 hours after your fast began won’t kill you. And and and life is all about balance. 🙂

Yeah, so I think that is all I have to say today, and I will update again in a month or two with how I am progressing along with my intermittent fasting ways. Try it out, you might like it. 🙂

Xo, Ciera


What’s mine is yours, honey buns

What’s mine is yours, honey buns


And by that statement in my title, I mean, my favorites may also be yours.. you can’t actually have all of my stuff guys. But welcome to the second installment of A Few of My Favorite Things. 😊

And the reason for the adorable featured image, Oakley is most definitely one of my favorite things. 😍

I had what I thought was a grand idea to do a “green” favorite things post since St. Patty’s Day is this weekend.. and then I realized.. I own like two green things.. but mama didn’t raise no quitter, so I searched and found some green items (and one pink) to add to my favorite things, and let me tell ya, they are some good ones.

Now I know the hat kinda sorta looks black, but I swear it’s not.. I just don’t know how to take a picture to save my life. (Insert concerned crying laughing face here)

So let’s start with the hat.. an Adidas army green beauty, that makes all of my second and third day hair dreams come true. This hat is a women’s fit, so it actually fits this noggin of mine, and adjusts easily. Major love and heart eyes.

Next is the Lululemon Energy Bra. I showed you the front, and the model is workin that back. Love this ‘bleached coral’ color almost too much. Just enough support to keep the girls at bay and avoid a black eye, but also cute enough to not be a grandma bra.. no offense, Grandma.

And ending out the day is the Mario Badescu cucumber, aloe & green tea facial spray. I am convinced this stuff is a spa in a bottle. Smells so good and makes your face super refreshed. Mine is very well loved and half used since I spray spray spray this stuff at all hours of the day. (Be sure to close your mouth when spraying.. doesn’t taste as good as it smells, learned that the hard way)

That’s all I have got for today. I appreciate you all immensely. ❤️

Xo, Ciera

Serious shopping is not for the weak

Serious shopping is not for the weak

Hiya pals,

Welcome back, happy Tuesday. The sun is shining (for today, yay snow on Thursday), the birds are chirping, and we are all still trudging along in this thing we call life. Today I am going to talk with you about something that should be taken VERY seriously. I am not kidding, your life will be forever changed if you take this blogpost to heart.

Photo Feb 15, 5 50 13 PMPhoto Feb 15, 5 51 35 PMPhoto Feb 15, 5 50 20 PM

Top: Free People | Jeans: Nordstrom (mine are out of stock, but a pair with same hem are linked) | Shoes: Marc Fisher Photos: Allegra Bertani

Now I don’t want to stress you out too much, but today, we will be discussing… shopping, and the best method to go about it. In my opinion, shopping should be a competitive sport, and if it were, I would be a top competitor, I am sure of it. Ya girl can shop, trust me. I used to be the girl that moaned and groaned when my mom dragged me from store to store because we had already hit up Limited Too, and there were no more lime green polka dot bikinis for me to buy (or my mom to buy for me).. but nowadays my mother attempts to throw in the towel after an hour-long stroll in Nordstrom, and send me on my way while she goes to get a margarita. This post is not about my mother’s love for tequila, so I can’t let myself get off track here..

I am here to tell you that whether you are shopping online, in store, or some other way I have never really heard of, there is a method to the madness to get the best shopping experience. To fully maximize your closet, you should start to shop like a fashion blogger.. and by that I do not mean buying 50 new things each month, but shopping in terms of seasonal necessities.

Now the exact numbers, brands, or articles are not as important as the idea behind it, but humor me and go along with what I say for now. This method is the best possible way to create your capsule wardrobe along with some seasonal pieces. The best place to start is to take inventory of your current closet, brush up on upcoming trends, and decide on how much you need to add to your wardrobe. Next, decide on the articles of clothing you need for that vacay, season, month, or event. I do this monthly, along with events and vacations. Make a list of what you need and prioritize the list by things you will wear most often, to the least often. You will want to get the pieces at the top of your list first, and then build the rest around those articles.

So here is an example, to show you that I am not crazy and kinda sorta know what I am talking about occasionally. (I will also include picture and shopping recommendations to show you how to build the perfect wardrobe) 🙂

Spring 2018

  1. Two bags  Shopping 1.jpgShopping 22. Three pairs of shoes Shopping 3Shopping 4.jpgShopping 5.jpg3. Two pairs of denim Shopping 6.jpgShopping 74. Four Spring-y tops Shopping 8Shopping 9 Shopping 10 Shopping 115. Two fun dresses   Shopping 12Shopping 136. Two rompers/jumpsuits Shopping 14Shopping 157. One pair of jean shorts Shopping 168. One bathing suit Shopping 17

Obviously this was just an example, but a very good starting point for creating your dream wardrobe! Boy oh boy was I a wealth of knowledge today! Using this guide will help you from overspending or buying things you don’t need, because you know exactly what that clothing supply of yours needs. 🙂 but please remember, always be browsing, and have no mercy when it comes to getting you some cute clothes. 🙂

Until tomorrow!

Xo, Ciera

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels

Hi friends,

I would like to preface this by saying just how false that saying is, because a few slices of pizza, chocolate cake, and Reese’s eggs taste so much better than skinny could ever feel. That is until three weeks later when your pants don’t fit so well and putting on a bathing suit sounds worse than getting teeth pulled. But that’s the way life works, the show must go on, and summer is still fast-approaching.

Photo Mar 08, 9 53 45 AM (1)

And let us please acknowledge the CUTEST ombre set from Gymshark. Not even exaggerating, you NEED it.

So I have come up with a sorta kinda way to make up for the few splurges a week I end up eating. I am no perfect woman, so eating kale and working out 67 hours a week isn’t always happening, so I like to make up for it however I can. And here I am to tell you my newest fitness secret. 🙂

Here’s what I do: I write down all of the “cheat” foods I have had that week in the notes section on my phone. Then I give each item a number, based on the amount I ate or what the food was, something along those lines (really I just make it up as I go).. And then I add up all the numbers and get a total for that week. Now that total number is then used to tell me how many sprints I have to do at my workout on Monday.

Photo Mar 08, 9 23 20 AM.png

So here is mine for last week.. and what we are not going to do is judge the amount of pizza and Reese’s I ate, but use this as a guide, and realize it was a long week okay?? So last week resulted in 13 sprints this last Monday, and honestly, it felt so nice once those sprints were over, trust me.

I would like to say first and foremost, I hate running.. I think it is literally the worse thing to ever be invented, but it’s good for you. Now sprints on the other hand, I can get over with quick and feel like I just did a really long cardio session in 15 minutes or so. When I do my sprints, I set my speed between 8-11 mph, and do 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. Also, I do not use this method of equaling cheat meals to sprints as a punishment to myself. I think of it in the sense that I workout in order to eat what I want, so adding in a few extra sprints on my first workout of the week really isn’t so bad.

Anddddd I am also aware that doing my few sprints to make up for eating Cane’s really isn’t an equal trade-off, but exercise is a mental game. By telling myself that I have something to burn off from last week, it makes me work even harder. Maybe you’re not a sprints person, so you could do something like 10 squats for each cheat meal you have.. and really eating some good food and doing your squats will get you that booty. Okurrrr.

I also like having this in place, because I like to be able to eat what I want and not beat myself up about every bite I put into my mouth. By being able to “cancel” it out and start fresh each new week, it helps me stay on track with my workouts, and even eat better this week so I have to do less sprints next week. 🙂

This post is ultimately just about finding something that works for you, and staying with a healthy routine to keep you feeling fit and happy.

Xo, Ciera

These are a few of my favorite things

These are a few of my favorite things

Hi again,

It’s me, back again.. you really can’t get rid of me anymore. But great news for you is that I will now be gracing the World Wide Web with three posts a week, because we all know you can never get too much of The Devil Wears Rompers. 🙂

Now I expect you read the title in the correct pitch & key of Julie Andrews circa The Sound of Music.. I really loved that movie, so I am hoping you didn’t let me down. This segment will not be me telling you about raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens (Iam sure you have the song stuck in your head by now), but instead just a quick little tid bit each Wednesday centered around my favorite things of the week.

After today, there won’t be much chatty-chatty on these posts, just a quick blurb about 2-5 of my favorite products/songs/people/things that week and why I love them. So being that today is the first installment, I decide to change it up and go with a set of hair & beauty favorites. Also please enjoy my mess of a pup being miserable as my product model. 🙂

favorite things 2

First up, we have the R+Co Sail Soft Wave Spray. This stuff is perfect for when you curled your hair two days ago but really can’t fathom the idea of holding up your curling iron to touch up a few of the stragglers. I also love to use it before I curl my hair to give it a little extra grab and volume. It’s like beach waves in a bottle.

favorite things 4

Next is Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Trust me, it sounds scarier than it really is. This stuff is magic in a bottle. It is the fastest-working spot treatment I have ever used. I wouldn’t suggest going out in public after putting it on, because it dries as crusty white dots, but come morning, your skin will be flawless. I also like that this stuff doesn’t smell like straight acid, but instead like Bengay (maybe that makes me weird though…)

favorite things 3

And last but not least for today is the R+Co Mannequin Styling Paste. This stuff will legit make your hair stay in place, just like a mannequin.. get it now?? I love to use it when doing my braids or buns to get my baby hairs to cooperate and go where they are told. It doesn’t make your hair look greasy or like a hair helmet either!

So that was pretty painless I think, and hopefully you enjoyed it. Come back tomorrow for my fitness post on how I have been making up for the 5 Reese’s eggs I eat a week. 🙂 Happy hump day people.

Xo, Ciera