What else could you possibly need?

What else could you possibly need?

Hey boo boo thangs,

Middle of the week and still just chillin ya know? I have just a few confessions to make and then we can get right on into it..

1. I accidentally copied and pasted my Spanish homework into a blogpost and hit publish because I wasn’t paying attention. I think I caught it in time, but if you got an email with a post including information on the colonial period under the ruling of Hernan Cortes all in Spanish.. I apologize. Maybe if ya did get the email you could read up on it and learn a couple things??

2. I literally sucked fabric softener up into a straw to get it out of the dispenser thing before accidentally washing my workout clothes with it. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER ON WORKOUT CLOTHES PEOPLE.. But really I am still wondering why I was committed to getting that stuff out. Anything for the lulus I suppose. On a very unrelated note, asking for a friend, how much fabric softener ingesting will kill you?

3. I am officially addicted to cold brew. I was never a coffee gal, I am tellin’ ya. I would get an Americano if I needed to stay up to study or was uber tired, but I can’t say I ever really enjoyed it. BUT the other day I tried a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew from the Starbs and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Please someone save me before I become that person who drinks 12 cups a day.

4. And last but not least I have now watched ‘The Kissing Booth’ on Netflix 16 times.. but who’s counting? NOT ME. If you are into that whole cheesy romcom thing with a smidge of Disney channel vibes, I would highly recommend it. Ever since they took The Hannah Montana Movie off of Netflix life has been a challenge, but I think I am ready to love again, and this movie is filling that void for now.

OKKKKKKK, you are so welcome for those random facts of the day. I have absolutely zero idea why I felt compelled to share those things with you, but what’s done is done. And obviously as you all know and had your calendars marked for, today is a favorites day and I am here with all of my June favorites. Because it is almost the end of the month and I have a full week of birthday extravaganza posts coming next week, this needed to happen today!!!! So without further ado, here are my June favorites πŸ™‚

I guess I was on a pink kick for this edition of Ciera’s faves.. but maybe you’re about that life. Hopefully you enjoyed my tell all and a quick edition of FAVORITASSS. Also so sorry for all of the aggressive typing. Adios pals.

Xo, Ciera


Something old, something new.. nothing blue

Something old, something new.. nothing blue

Hey baby cakes,

What’s poppin’ with all y’all? Not much is happening with me if you were wondering.. still just living my last week as a young lady unable to gamble or attend strip clubs legally (which I don’t plan to do often when I am legal, just saying). But ya know in the interim I still have blogposts to write, food to eat, homework to do and clothes to buy. So really that was just a list of ways I am telling you I have nothing important to do besides live. Sidenote: please no one ever let me take 3 summer classes again. K thanks.

Now there is a big ol’ occasion coming up which I spend days upon days searching for outfits for. And once again, the shopping isn’t even for me since I am already fully prepared to strut my stuff. But ya know, ya girl E-dawg is still in need of an outfit to wear to a wedding we will be attending on the 30th. Soooooo needless to say I scour bajillions of pages of shopping sites on the daily just so my mother dearest doesn’t show up in her skivvies (I doubt she would do this).

Photo Jun 04, 2 19 28 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 20 12 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 23 44 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 25 02 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 25 53 PM

Photos by Ashlyn Lee

Shop this post –>

And since maybe some of you trusty readers out there are also in need of something to wear to a wedding, I am here to give you volume #2 of wedding guest outfit choices. Unless you want to be the ‘something old’ at the wedding, ditch the mumu you wore to your sister’s boyfriend’s mom’s wedding 10 years ago and try one of my cutie pie picks.. I swear you won’t be disappointed. OKKKK, here we go, enjoy. πŸ™‚

So we all know you must obvi follow the normal rules.. no white, nothing too revealing, but still be super cute, and I think I have you covered. πŸ™‚ Hopefully you have found everything you ever need now.

Xo, Ciera

Ain’t nothin better than food

Ain’t nothin better than food


Happy Thursday to you and congrats on almost making it through another week! As we patiently await the weekend I decided that today’s blogpost would be the answer to a commonly asked question I seem to get way more often than I ever thought I would. Now obviously I have been pretty open on here and really to anyone that asks about my fitness routine and body situation because who doesn’t love a good tell-all, right? But lately people have been asking what I eat.. so I am here to tell ya!

This won’t be a boring meal journal I promise you that, nor will it be me telling you what to eat, because I am not a nutritionist by any means. Really I am not even legally allowed to tell you what to eat, so this will pretty much be me recounting two days of eating. I am sure you are wondering by now why I want to tell you two days.. and the answer is this: somedays I eat like Jillian Michaels and fear the word ‘carbs’, while other days I eat like a truck driver who hasn’t seen a home-cooked meal in 3 days. But one thing is for sure, this girl can eat. So let’s get started!

Day 1 – Breakfast: probably some berries, avocado toast, and a hard boiled egg or egg whites (clean so far, I am doing well)

1st snack: banana and peanut butter.. yum yum

Lunch: a terribly boring salad with some ground turkey because my fridge is down to the last few pieces of spinach (green goddess dressing makes everything better, I promise)

2nd snack: carrots, celery & hummus. Also how did hummus just suddenly appear? Why were people not eating it 5 years ago?

Dinner: poorly seasoned and overcooked chicken (I try hard I swear.. always dry though) and some brussels sprouts.

All of this along with a day’s worth of water and I am the epitome of health.

But then in hopes of being transparent with you all, I have eating days that don’t quite go so well. So now I will show you day 2.

Day 2 – Breakfast: didn’t have time to eat anything and am now running very late to class, so a Clif bar it is. Brittany and I joke that we live off of these, but it’s not far from the truth.Β 

1st snack: berries and hard boiled egg I packed (back on track, woohoooo)

2nd snack 3 minutes later: PB&J I was planning to save till lunch, but 8:46 AM is as far as I am making it today.

3rd snack (still starved): carrots and grapes because there is still time to salvage this day.

Lunch: I have now eaten everything I packed so Cane’s it is πŸ™‚ treat yoself…

4th snack (barely 2 o’ clock): bag of Chex Mix and some almonds from the campus store.. almonds are healthy right?

5th snack: finally home and telling myself dinner is soon so I will just eat an apple.

6th snack: have now eaten everything in sight.. 10 pieces of salami, 4 oreos, 2 handfuls of Goldfish, a couple scoops of peanut butter, and a glass of milk to wash it all down.Β 

Dinner: how I am still hungry I will never know, so might as well finish off the day strong with some spaghetti to carb up and make tomorrow better.Β 

Phew that was a whole lot to write out, but I hope you enjoyed it. If you are trying to lose weight, tone up, or become healthier overall I would not suggest my second day of eating.. but I wanted to make it known that I don’t eat kale everyday, nor do I eat sour patch watermelons every meal. I am sure you have heard this before but life is about balance. Especially when it comes to eating, food is meant to be enjoyed (because it tastes real good) and it should never feel like you are forcing yourself to eat something you don’t want to. Also not all of my eating days are perfect and not all of them are terrible either, but most often they fall somewhere in the middle of these days because I am not trying to fear pizza or love apple cider vinegar cleanses (how do people drink that stuff??) So like I said friends, balance is key. Eat what you want, do what you want, be happy people.

Xo, Ciera