Sensitive Teeth Whitening – Me and my pearly whites

Sensitive Teeth Whitening – Me and my pearly whites

Hey there,

It’s me again, Ciera.. your best pal if you forgot. Ya know how best pals tell each other secrets? Those are the type of best friends I wanna be. So first secret is that I hid a baby monitor in my brother’s hamper when it was in middle school because it seemed like some fun snooping.. I will never be able to unlearn the things I learned from him and his friends in that one weekend. Second secret, I fell asleep with some of those teeth whitening strips on once (or twice) and wore them for about 6 extra hours. Ice cream was the death of me for weeks following that experience. And my third secret is that my teeth aren’t naturally this white.. *Gasp* I know.. but I am going to share my secret with you so you can have the pearly whites of your dreams.

Photo Sep 18, 10 32 36 PM

So like I said, I have fallen asleep three or four times (please no one notice that the frequency is increasing as the truth comes out) with some of those whitening strips on my mouth. I woke up those days with a strong taste of bleach and regret in my mouth,  but it finally came to an end when I found Smile Brilliant. My shiny teeth and me have not suffered any sort of sensitivity or yellow-y sadness since meeting Smile Brilliant.

Photo Sep 18, 10 18 46 PM

The cutie little set arrives at your door and prompts you to get molding. I felt like my own sort of slime master with a YouTube channel and everything while I mixed the molding concoction (it may be my claim to fame, just you wait). Once I put the slime and tray in my mouth, it wasn’t so pretty.. but a little drool never hurt anybody. After the very unflattering process, my trays were sent off and my new trays were returned ASAP Rocky.

The drool video was too good not to include.. but I do apologize to your eyes.

The whole process was so simplified by Smile Brilliant that I didn’t even feel like it required effort on my part. The whitening takes anywhere between 45 minutes – 3 hours, which may seem long, but it gives you plenty of time to run a few miles, online shop, or just sit there and stare blankly at a wall.. to each their own. After the whitening time is complete, you move onto a desensitizing treatment which does exactly as you guessed.. DESENSITIZES. It leaves your teeth feeling clean, strong, and ready to bite into all scoops of ice cream teeth first.

Thank goodness I found some chapstick too..

Now now children, you may be wondering, how much does this magical treatment cost? And I am here to tell you that it only costs $159 for chompers like these. I know it seems a little pricey, but I have been using the kit for almost 3 months now and I still have gels left to last me another 3 months AT LEAST. The best part is that their website offers extra gels if you run out and you can keep using the fun plastic mold they sent for you the first time. 🙂

Photo Nov 06, 12 16 47 AM

Even better news about all of this is that I have a giveaway to give one of you lucky ducky winners some shiny, white teeth with your very own Smile Brilliant whitening kit! All you have to do to enter is follow this link, type some stuff in, and then hope everyday that you are chosen. Easy peasy. 🙂

Or you can use my discount code – thedevilwearsrompers15 – for 15% off. 🙂

I hope you all have the best day and bite straight into cold foods like the badasses you are! Until next time.

Xo, Ciera

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A little bit of back, not a lot of front

A little bit of back, not a lot of front


I don’t even know where these titles are coming from anymore.. I just know that I feel weird typing them. My brain throws some weird things out there and half of the time I think to myself, I wonder what people would think if they heard 90% of what I think but don’t say out loud. You should feel lucky that you only get to read the filtered 10%. I swear I am saving you.

Very important points of discussion in our world today but I want to talk to you about the most important one.. Did you know that showing your bare back is the new cleavage?! Shocking, I know. But apparently these days there is something spicy about a plain old back. So pull that neck line up and show off that backside, girl.

Photo Sep 11, 5 38 48 PMPhoto Sep 11, 5 43 32 PM

Photos by Ashlyn Moreno


A great upside to backless tops is that your dad, brother, or any other male that has a pulse will greet you with the comment: “You forgot the rest of your shirt.” It doesn’t get funnier every time, but just laugh because it makes them feel better. 😉 Really though, a backless shirt or two is a great addition to your wardrobe. You can wear it with a cute bralette or go crazy and bare it all from the lower back, all the way up. You could even save money on bras that way too! look at me saving your money while I tell you to spend it. 🙂

Photo Sep 11, 5 44 09 PMPhoto Sep 11, 5 42 18 PMPhoto Sep 11, 5 45 07 PM

I love a high neck top with an open-back because it kinda gives the vibe that I am all covered up, and then BAM turn it around and I lost the whole back half of my shirt. It’s a real fun surprise. Also, you can go flowy or tight, patterned or solid, or cropped or full length and a backless top will always be the right way to go. Here are a few to choose from, from me to you. <3

So remember that you can’t go frontless and that backless is really the only way to go! I hope you love them all.

Xo, Ciera

FAVORITE.. that’s it

FAVORITE.. that’s it

Hi again,

Yupp, I am here on the blog two times in one week.. just like the good old days. I am hoping to get back at it with multiple posts a week, but it takes a lot more work than you might think. And surprisingly enough my body and brain needs sleep, so I won’t make any promises that anything will FOR SURE happen (because I don’t wanna let ya down) and we will just hope for the best. 🙂

So we all know that any girl’s night is pretty much incomplete without a couple of face masks and some popcorn, right? Well I have decided to have my own girl’s night once or twice a week.. but by myself because I also like to binge watch TV while I do it. It has done sooo much for my life in general. There really is nothing quite like taking a little break from everything else in life and slapping some mud on your face during a teeth whitening treatment. And since I have been oh so happy since throwing this activity in my routine, I will share some of my favorites with you to give you the best chance for pure joy and relaxation.

  1. GlamGlow Bubble Sheet Mask – this mask is terrifying on your face, I wont deny that. I would say I looked similar to Christoff’s rock family in Frozen, but kinda saggier. However the good thing is that this mask cleans out pores soooo well and makes your face smooth and glowy right after.                                   
  2. Love Island on Hulu – it is my guilty pleasure show that I just cannot quit. It’s pretty much the UK version of a trashier (for lack of a better word) Bachelor in Paradise mixed with every reality show to be on MTV. I really enjoy their accents and the show kills me. You will probably hate it at first, but its a real good binge. Also UK TV shows have like 7326648 episodes in a season, so be prepared to be in for a long one.
  3. IGK Hydrating Hair Balm – I don’t understand its magical ways, but just know that this balm left my hair with zero frizz and kept it straight for more than 2 days. My hair was smooth and silky and the flat iron glided right over it and I loved it and yeah I think that was the longest run on sentence ever, but everything I needed to say about it.                                                                                             

Take some time to relax, throw on a face mask, and make that hair silky girlfriend. You deserve it, you beauty queen.

Xo, Ciera