How to struggle through starting a blog wearing cute velvet booties

Hello pretties,

It is officially my first fashion post (woohoo)! For starters, I have zero idea of how to file this under the fashion tab on my blog, so bear with me on that. Second, this learning curve is unreal trying to figure out how to work this thing. Buuuuuut, in this month of thankfulness, why not be thankful for the little things, like you nice people reading my blog, and the CUTEST pair of velvet booties I have ever seen.

Since you are all such lovely people and decided to come back to read AGAIN, I have decided to share my new shoe obsession with you all. You’re welcome. These booties are a navy soft velvet bootie by Steve Madden. (I also linked some other cute options throughout the post and here).

I am not a heel lady… actually, I despise them, but these ones were too cute to pass up. They have the softest, prettiest blue velvet and a nice 4 inch heel. They are surprisingly comfy and not at all the “worst things I’ve ever worn”.

You can pair them with a cute pair of jeans, like my black ones here, which I also got from Nordstrom Rack, or even a skirt or mini dress. These babies, toned calves, and you are in business. If you buy the shoes and are missing the toned calves part, hit up Jimbo.. he knows how to rock a calf length pant.


These heeled booties should be worn as the center piece of your ensemble, so go simple with the rest of the outfit. The booties are heeled, velvet, blue, and wonderful. Think of it this way, if your outfit was Destiny’s Child, the top and pants surrounding these beauty queens should be the Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland. But let me tell you, these booties are Beyoncé all the way. You can pair them with a simple neutral top, like I did with this Free People top (ones kinda like it linked here, because mine is no longer available *sad face*).


Add a fun accessory to finish off the outfit. I am not much of a jewelry gal, so I finished the ensemble off with a distressed denim jacket. This jacket was a major score at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (it is gone now of course, so here are two other cute options), and is a closet necessity. The subtle blue floral combined with the edgy distressing is what I live for. You can hold it like a pack mule if its warm, tie it around your waist like a mom in Disneyland, or even put it on if it is chilly. So. Many. Options.


Also, note the dark hair.. Hello Fall. 🙂 Here I am giving fashion advice, so while I am at it, I say darken your hair too. Change it up, cut it off.

Xo, Ciera

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