Ever Heard of a LGD?

Hello you crazy kids,

Welcome to fashion blog post #2 of me not knowing how to place this under the fashion tab.. whoops. 🙂 I will figure it out one of these days, but until that day comes, search “fashion” in the handy search bar to find all of my “fashion” blog posts.

As far as my post title goes, no LGD is nothing weird. It is most definitely code for a little gray dress, and one that you absolutely need (unless you are my dearest brother being forced to read this blogpost on your email.. you don’t need this dress). Sooooo this dress is owned by about every single blogger known to mankind, and I ended up with one in my closet after an online Nordstrom shopping spree as well. And let me tell you, this purchase has been one of my best.


If you are in need of a comfy dress that can be worn a bajillion and seven different ways, this is the dress for you. And lucky for you, I am showing you two different ways to style it, so you have full creative freedom for the remaining bajillion and five ways. Good luck. 🙂

This little number is soft and cotton-y (definitely not a word), and the perfect groutfit (gray outfit, definitely not a real word either). Even more luckily for you all is that this Leith dress comes in 4 other colors and a sleeveless version, which I believe increases outfit options exponentially. It is incredibly slimming and makes you feel like baby got back.. and front if you’ve got those curves too.

I should stop rambling now and tell you about my outfits I so masterfully prepared for you. Look #1 is a perfect daytime look. Whether you’re running errands, walking on campus or petting puppies all day, this dress has got you covered. It’s even great for posing in the foliage on campus while pretending there is more than a pencil in your tote (not like I have EVER done that though).


For a casual look, pair the dress with a pair of sneakers or flats, like my black leather perforated Vans. These shoes are beyond comfy and stand up to the large amount of liquids I somehow always spill on myself.

To keep the look casual cool, add a flannel, unless you’re trying to show off that booty, in which case, toss that flannel aside and get to workin’ it. I especially love this Lucky flannel because it has an adorable navy plaid on the outside, but the interior is a blue & white pinstripe, so it is kind of like lumberjack in the front, sassy sailor in the back?? If only that were a thing! (Mine is no longer available at Scheels, but here is a different cute option, and it’s even waterproof, because who knows what kinds of things you crazy kids get into).

Finish off the daytime look with a big ol’ tote or cute bag to hold all of your necessities. My multiuse tote is a pretty princess from Rebecca Minkoff. So that’s the daytime version.. and here comes the night.

If you’re a hangry gal like me, finding a dress to fit your late-night eating habits is not an easy task.. but let me tell ya, this dress can hide 9 pieces of pizza, 6 pieces of bread and some chocolate cake like a champ. When I’m out on the town (which is not often), I hate worrying about keeping my outfit in place, hiding my food baby, and tripping in my shoes, but this outfit solves all of those problems.


Thanks to the cutest faux leather jacket from Nordstrom by BLANKNYC (which comes in a taupe color as well), you can polish up this dress to take it out for the night. The jacket adds the perfect amount of edge without being full-on biker chick. Size up on this jacket unless you want to be the girl at the party that can’t lift her arms above shoulder level without ripping a seam. That girl is no fun, don’t be that girl.

Pair this outfit with some booties, like these Steve Madden ones, and you are ready to hit the town. My booties even have the cutest cutout things (obviously a very technical term) on the side which adds that extra flair to an already adorable outfit.


Also, wind machine not necessary to look this windblown, just go outside in Reno on a very cold, windy day to achieve this look. 🙂 Apparently pale legs are necessary though because Reno’s “fall” has not allowed for me to work on my bronze color *sigh*.

I think that is all I have to say for today. So take my advice, buy this dress, and strut your stuff. Leave me some comments so I have something to read until next Tuesday!

Xo, Ciera


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