Get Comfy & Eat Some Turkey

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Hello party people,

It is officially my FAVORITE time of the year. It’s cold outside, smells like Christmas trees and cookies inside, and sounds like Christmas music has returned yet again. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving comes in as a close second. Any holiday that involves loads of eating is at the top of my list.

Thanksgiving in my household consists of screaming children, Dallas Cowboys playing on the TV, and plenty of games. We all understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving, which is giving thanks for the people/things we cherish, and I am here to tell you, I cherish my mumsy and the turkey she gets all pretty and basted up for my family to devour.

I will give thanks for the amount of times I will hear “Get his ass” from my father as he yells at the TV while watching the Cowboys struggle through another game this season. I will also give thanks for the (terrifyingly creepy) forehead kisses my brother will give me, as well as the cookies that will be shoved in my mouth by my favorite ginger, Hanna. Even if the kiddos are gone, I will also give thanks for our cutlery now being Paw Patrol themed and windows being covered in handprints. But most of all, I will give thanks for some stretchy pants and an easily-cleanable (that definitely can’t be a word) top, because I’m bound to overeat and spill in the process.

If you dress to impress around your family’s dining room, or rock the sweatpants, because who really cares anyway, I am here with the outfit for you. If you are looking for comfort, go stretchy, because there is nothing worse than shooting a button off of your too-tight pants at your second, twice-removed aunt.. even if she has asked you how school is going 4 times. With this outfit, you can still look cute and sporty, so when your family asks if you’ve been working out, point to your athleisure, clearly not for working out outfit, and clap back with an “Obviously”, even if you have missed the past three weeks of spinning.

Aaaaaaand here’s the outfit:


So this little number is full of stretchiness, coziness, and cuteness. We will start at the bottom with my FAVORITE casual shoes, which are my black perforated Vans, making an appearance yet again. If you are like me and are eternally bound to spill gravy on your shoes, get these pretties so that liquid slides right off.IMG_8730_Facetune_05.11.2017-15_08_25

Next are my pantaloñes, which are currently 50 PERCENT OFF at Express. You need these leggings in your life, and can even get free shipping to get them here REAL QUICK. They have an adorable grommet lacing detail, which allow you to loosen those suckers up when it comes time for thirds. They are thick, so no chance of peeking through or getting chilly. IMG_8679_Facetune_05.11.2017-15_03_01

My top is a comfy Adidas t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, which clearly gives the vibe that I have worked out once in the past week. It’s beyond soft, and I sized up for a more relaxed fit. (My color is gone, but I linked the same top in a different color).IMG_8676_Facetune_05.11.2017-15_02_35

This Free People sweater is always my go to, because it is warm and cozy. Be careful of spillage though, this little fella is not a fan of liquids.

And once you’re ready, toss that hair up in a cute ponytail, because you must be committed to the art of Thanksgiving grubbin’. Thank you for reading once again, and Happy Thanksgiving <3

Eat a lot, watch some football, hang out with the people you love, and get cozy!

XO, Ciera

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  1. I wish I could wear those clothes and look that cute!!! What the heck is Nanny doing on the internet at 1 a.m.?

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