Brotherly love: a guest post by Justin Farley

Hey hey hey,

So today is one of my lovely brother’s birthday, and as a gift to him, I decided to let him write a guest post for all of you lovely people. Please enjoy and note that no matter what he says, he is not my fashion role model. Here it is, a post from Jusaroo:

Some of you out there may not know this, but Ciera’s fashion choices are not a product of her own sense. She has 3 older brothers and a father that have taken her from wearing corduroys and camouflage with rain boots to the fashion blogger that she is today. Even though I’m the youngest of the three brothers, I would like to think that I am writing this on behalf of all of us, as I’m sure she would agree that we have shaped her fashion in ways that are beyond measure. That all being said, lets get down to the outfit business.


I’m gonna do this one from the bottom up comparing both of our outfits and since everything is a competitions, I’ll be subjectively choosing a fashion winner for the day.

Ciera – Cheetah Print Penny Loafers. I mean WOW! The odds of seeing a cheetah in you lifetime has to be about 1,000,000 to 1, but finding these puppies to buy? I think Cece hit the lottery. I believe she found these at (FALSE) and could be used in a variety of situations, whether it’s scaring off predators or cruising around downtown. Based on what has to be the rarity of the shoes, I’m giving this one a score of 9.7/10.

Justin – Rockport Black Boots. I’ve gotta admit, I never in a million years thought that I would be wearing boots on a daily basis, but here we are! These tanks are easy on the feet and tough as can be, while also looking pretty sleek. Not quite as rare as the cheetah loafers though, so I’ll give these a score of 8.9/10.
Ciera – Jeans (Kan Cans to be exact). Yep that’s about the extent I know about them, they are jeans. I will comment on the rolled bottom though: aren’t your ankles cold??? That being said, I’ll give this a score of 8.2/10.
Justin – Also Jeans. Like the vegetables along with a nice steak for dinner, these are to be worn not as the star of the show, but as the necessity for a good healthy base. Based on the full ankle coverage I will give these a score of 8.5.
Ciera – Black Long-sleeved Shirt – Actually, this one I kinda like. Simple yet understated, which is usually for the best. Plus it allows the cheetah penny loafers to really flourish. Score 9.2/10 (Most of my outfit is from Buckle, and if you live in Reno, go check out Buckle store 322 in Meadowwood Mall, which Justin and I have both worked at. They are the best and will help you out with all of your Christmas shopping) 🙂
Justin – Travis Mathew Polo – I know the millions of adoring fans out there for the Farley men were expecting the trademark Nike 1/4-zip, but I’m out here showing that we do own other shirts, and we do occasionally wear them! That being said, I’m not sure I could have enough of the Travis Mathew shirts and jackets (cough, cough, Christmas presents). T-Math, as I like to call it, has a legit fit and look that works anytime of year from on the course to at the club. Score 9.8/10.
Hair and Makeup
Ciera – Lipstick (if you are ever in need of any makeup, go see Lou at MAC in Meadowwood, she is an angel and so helpful) and Top-knot. The old top-knot… I was just introduced to this style by Ciera in the last year or so, and even though there were some strange looks and startled faces the first few times she rocked this, she persevered! Now I’m not saying she’s the creator of the top-knot (though she could be for all I know about hair), but this hairdo has grown on me and works well for with the casual look of the rest of the outfit. Score 9.5/10.
Justin – N/A – Has anyone ever “touched up” the Mona Lisa? I think not. Score 10/10.
Ciera – 36.6/40
Justin – 37.2/40
Great showing by Ciera, as she almost pulled out the victory on the strength of the Cheetah penny loafers, but she just couldn’t match the strength/style of the Travis Mathew shirt. Solid outfits all the way around, and keep checking out The Devil Wears Rompers for more posts from Ciera and the occasional guest post from her inspiration in all things fashion and fitness: me!
Xo, Ciera and Justin

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