Gift guide #2: For the girl who has everything

Hi dear friends,

First thing: thank you all for the love for Justin’s guest post on Tuesday.. that boy thinks he’s a damn celebrity now. So if we could all begin to remind him that he’s not THAT great to bring him down a couple pegs, that would be cool! It’s always good to break him down before building back up. 😉 Also, he did acknowledge that this post writing thing is a lot harder than he anticipated, so I wouldn’t expect any more guest posts from him anytime soon.. he’s exhausted. Second thing: if you ever want to shop anything on my blog, or find out where it’s from, click the blue underlined text (or the photo in gift guides) and it will bring you to the direct link! Third thing: 18 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. My goodness, less than three weeks and my favorite time of year will be over.  Fourth thing: buying Christmas presents is exhausting, especially if you are stuck on that one person who already has everything/will buy whatever she wants by the time Christmas comes around.

If I am being honest, I am most definitely that difficult person you dread shopping for. First of all, I hate surprises, so I would much rather you tell me what is coming my way, and I can then mentally prepare my reaction. Trust me, you don’t want to see my real reaction if you don’t warn me beforehand that I am getting an ice scraper.. Second, if I want it, I buy it. It is really that simple. I am not much of a gal that can patiently wait, so if I ever tell you I want a cute new sweater at dinner, just know that shortly after sharing this information with you, I already went to the bathroom to order it on my phone, and you’re now out of a gift idea.

Soooo if you are currently wondering whether or not you should get that difficult person a candle for the 6th year in a row, I am here to tell you NO. I am also here to help you all with some gift ideas for the girl that literally has everything. These gifts are perfect for when you have officially run out ideas and want to get them something that they never even knew they need! And even more conveniently, you can get all of these things in one spot, Nordstrom! Here we go!

Also to anyone currently wondering, this guide can double as my Christmas list if you’ve been searching for the perfect thing to get me… if I don’t already buy it all right after writing this post.

Nobody likes cold toes, but it always seems to be something ladies overlook on buying for themselves.. but they will be eternally grateful to you when they have toasty toes in these furry beasts.
The absolute best lash and brow serum. I currently use the lash serum and have seen a huge amount of growth and fullness in my eyelashes. The brow serum is so great for those of us that have parts of our eyebrow that refuse to grow.
Message boards are currently all of the hype in home décor. This one is perfect to put up in the kitchen with the menu posted, or add some quotes and hang it on a wall in your bedroom. Super cute & simple design.
Good pajamas are severely underrated. I had always (and still am most of the time) been the girl that wears some old shorts and a ratty t-shirt to bed. But wearing a nice pair of pajamas to sleep or even just to lounge in is such a nice & cozy feeling.
I am not sure if everyone has heard about T3, but there’s a lot of hype about it currently. At first, I was a non-believer.. but I just received my flat iron and curling iron in the last couple of weeks. AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED ABOUT A HAIR PRODUCT IN MY LIFE. This curling iron literally heats in 10 seconds (I learned this lesson through a pretty painful burn when grabbing the barrel open-handed, so be careful and just not dumb like me), helps your hair hold curl 10x longer, and even has the ability to change out the barrel size. I cannot say enough good things about this, just buy it.
Skip the bottle of wine and candle for the hostess and get something fresh like this snack box with cool combinations like S’mores and gummy bears. There’s even a good chance they will open that baby up at the party and you will get to eat your own gift!
Clear skin is a gift that everyone deserves. This kit includes my FAVORITE mud mask, which pulls out impurities, along with moisturizing and purifying cleansers.
This adorable necklace is the grownup version of the Limited Too “letter” necklaces some of us owned. This version is a little more polished and looks great stacked on top of other necklaces. Love the rose gold too!

Get out there and buy me somethin pretty. 😉 Just kidding, but get to shopping, and check that difficult woman right off your list!

Xo, Ciera

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