Accessorizing and a good ol’ sale


Back once again on this fabulous Tuesday. Six days until Christmas, and a bajillion different sales/deals going on online. If you are the worst procrastinator known to mankind, there is a pretty good chance you still have not finished your shopping. Now me, the Christmas aficionado, finished my shopping weeks ago, but I am here to help you finish yours.

The number one retailer having online sales each day up until Christmas is Urban Outfitters. You already missed out on the buy one, get one 50% off (so sorry, I’ll be better next time), but today’s special is 25% off your entire order, while tomorrow could bring an even greater surprise. I would suggest stocking up your cart with denim, tops, accessories, and maybe even some new shoes (mostly for yourself). American Eagle is also having a sale with most of their site being 50% off and jeans & joggers priced at 25% off.

If you enjoy the panic of ordering everything last minute, and the stress associated with possibly giving your family empty boxes, wait a couple more days. If not, GET TO ORDERING YOU COTTON HEADED NINNY MUGGINS. I also have a cute little outfit with pieces from Urban Outfitters and American Eagle, and accessorizing ideas to help you decide exactly what the lovely ladies in your life need.


This outfit consists of a black denim acid-wash skirt, a fun band tee, some black heeled booties, and a hat or jacket depending on how frisky you’re feeling that day.


Might as well start in the middle because why not. I already explained this skirt a teeny bit, but I have a few more things to say about it. This baby has a cinched waist and a fun 90’s vibe with the black acid-wash element. Which I just checked, and it’s sold out now.. 🙁 But here are a few cute other options, also on sale, since I am a nice lady! (just click the pictures and it will bring you to the direct link)

UO 1

UO 2

Next onto the hat, because I feel like it.


This large brim hat is an oldie but a goodie from Forever 21. I love the heather gray color, as well as the fact that it fits my huge head. Whenever you are buying hats, only get the sized ones. It took me way too long to figure out that hats don’t actually hurt your head if you are wearing the right size. 🙂

UO 3

That hat is another cutie pie on sale too! Lucky you! Now let’s get down to the shoesies.


No surprise here, but these are the same shoes as last week. I wish I had more shoes, and trust me I’m workin on my shoe collection, but until then I will continue to bore you with my favorite black heeled booties over and over.

UO 4



Now to the shirt. And first I would like to start by saying, No, I do not know 10 songs by the Rolling Stones, nor do I really even know one. I’m really not even sure when the Rolling Stones were around, but I like the shirt, so I am gonna wear it, and you’re gonna like it. It is a super soft cotton and not too heavy.

AE 1.jpg

AE 2

Aaaaaand here are more shirts!


The last bit of this is the cute little leather jacket which you all need. And when I say little, I am not kidding. This thing is small, most definitely size up. It is faux leather and has a different neckline so it doesn’t look like every other leather jacket out there.

UO 5


Well that is the outfit dear friends, and the end of another post dedicated to me helping you. 🙂 So long, farewell.


Xo, Ciera

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