2018: Hopefully a year for more velvet

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I am so very sorry this post is coming to you at a slight delay on this fine Tuesday, but life goes on and we are all still living, so I think it will be alright! I hope you all had a great Christmas and survived your families and all of their antics. But now that it’s time to cut Christmas off and wait 364 days for it to happen again next year, we should focus on the next possible event for you to show off your cute new presents, or the things you are probably buying yourselves from all of these killer sales going on!


New Year’s Eve is a fashion show in all of its glory. Everywhere you look on NYE consists of glitter, sparkles, mini dresses, weird numbered eyeglasses that stopped making sense in 2010, and a few dozen people who started drinking too early and will most likely not see the first glimpse of 2018 until 11 AM January 1st. All I know is that whenever I finally get myself out of bed come Monday morning, I will hope to see plenty of velvet still killin’ it in the trendy game.

Velvet is the answer to all of your questions, mostly due to its fun flair as well as the fact that it can double as an ultra soft petting zoo to all of the people around you. I picked a crushed velvet jumpsuit as a perfect NYE look and will round up a few others in this post so you can get to shopping and be the best dressed at every party.


This jumpsuit is beyond comfy and under $100 at Urban Outfitters. I love the slate color paired with the crushed velvet. You could even add a little bralette to spice it up as well as keep it casual with a cardigan. Belting this cutie is also an option to give you that extra little cinching at the waist. I really love the capped sleeve also, since most jumpsuits never seem to come in a short sleeve option.


Photos by Fernando Montenegro

The black Steve Madden booties are making yet another appearance. I am happy to report that I still love them just as much as last time, and you will too.

Here are a couple more of the super cute options I have found for you to rock come midnight on December 31st! (click on the picture to shop the link directly)

UO 7



nye 6.jpg

NYe 7

Well the next time I plan on seeing all of you is one day into the New Year. So until then, have a great week, happy new year, and a lovely life in general!

Xo, Ciera




2 thoughts on “2018: Hopefully a year for more velvet

  1. Hi Ciera! I’m digging your trend report for 2018. On yellow–it has never been a trend for me. My mother always dressed me up in yellow because she said it was a great color for me. I love yellow but am afraid to wear it in the summer because it attracts bees and I’m alergic.
    I can’t do fringe either because I’m too clumsy and the fringe would get caught in a door or something. Trust me on that–I had a heel get caught in the hem of my pants and I fell down a flight of stairs breaking all the ribs on my left side.
    But I’m hoping the biggest trend doesn’t remain a trend. Being kind. We should always remain kind and it should be a part of our everyday life! Happy New Year!!! XOXOXOXO!!!!

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