Over the knee, how I love thee

Hello ladies & possibly gents,

It’s Tuesdayyyyyy, which can mean many things.. Taco Tuesday, $5 movie Tuesday, hair washing day for you all of you dry shampoo-ers, or maybe even the day you are finally getting around to that New Year’s resolution and heading to the gym (better late than never). But the main thing we are focusing on today is blogpost Tuesday. Maybe I should trademark that or something?? Probably not, but anyway, hi again.

Today I would love to chat about a super simple outfit that somehow looks like you put a lot of thought into your outfit. But here’s the kicker, this look only requires TWO pieces! If it is one of those days when putting on pants sounds worse than a root canal, or planning an outfit can take no longer than 2 minutes, try this baby out. All you need is a sweatshirt (t-shirt, shift, loose midi, or casual mini) dress and some OTK boots. IMG_0357_Facetune_04-01-2018-14-52-52

My sweatshirt dress is a Free People beaut, and one of the comfiest dresses I have ever owned. This dress is categorized as a tunic, and is plenty long to be worn as a dress, but can also be paired well with a pair of leggings and some cute booties. It also comes in three other colors, but I seem to have a special place in my heart for all things pink. This thing feels like your favorite food, makeup, and paint-stained sweatshirt, but looks cute & flirty. Some other dress options to pull off this look may include:

OTK 1OTK 2OTK 4OTK 3And since pants are not necessary for this outfit, we will skip over them and thank whoever decided that women can wear dresses.


The OTK (over the knee) boots can function as your pants kinda sorta.. in the sense that they keep your legs warmer than having absolutely nothing on those babies. These nice ones are courtesy of Ellen’s closet, but you (and I) could get our own pair here. Make sure boots like these can be tied or are already the tightest thing known to mankind on your thighs, or prepare to pull your OTK boots up your leg at least 2575 times in a day. Here are a couple of other options as well:

OTK 7OTK 5OTK 6That’s all I have got for today, so go out, don’t wear pants (wear a dress), put on some sassy boots and get wild!

Photography by: Kylee Capurro

Xo, Ciera

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