2018 Summer Bod.. We are comin’ for ya

Blurry featured image courtesy of summer bods circa 2012 since I have no pictures taken currently and exciting news about Hanna at the end of this post!

Hi friends,

We are all friends here, so I am allowed to call you that. We are also all healthy, living people so today we are back on that fitness grind (insert cringing face here). Okay, but for real, today is a fitness post and it would not be appropriate to discuss all of the peanut butter, slurpees and Takis I consume in a week, so instead I wanna chat all about your 2018 summer bod.

Whether you’re trying to slim down, tone, bulk up, or maybe stay the same.. I am here to break the news that summer is upon us. I am sure you have all heard the phrase “Summer bodies are made in the winter”, and I am here to also tell you that that exact statement is veryyyyy true. I used to be the girl in high school who seemed to think that statement was a myth.. now granted my metabolism was much faster and I had cheer 4 days a week, but for some reason I always decided that I would be cut up by June if I started mid-May. And even more embarrassing, I would literally go to the gym only on the mornings I was going to the pool or lake. My family still makes fun of the fact that I worked on my bikini bod right before putting that swimsuit on.

But since I am a kind lady, and I have decided to hold you accountable for that summer bod even though you didn’t ask me to (I am THAT friend), I am going to tell you my (somewhat) tried and true methods to keep you on track for that 2018 beach bod. Here we go yo.

  1. Make a vision board

    Trust me, I thought they were silly at first too.. but let me tell you, putting your ideas/wishes/hopes/goals in plain sight is such a good way to keep you on track and crush your goals. Include pictures of your favorite fitness models, workout ideas, the swimsuit you are going to buy if you hit your goal by the time it’s no longer freezing, inspirational quotes, and things that will keep you movin’ and groovin’. Now if you are not a fan of printing 50 pictures, tediously cutting each one, and pasting them to a giant science fair 3-fold board, you can make a collage on your computer, or even dedicate a whole Pinterest board to it so you can see all of your pictures in one place.

  2. Jam out to some good tunes

    There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a super hard workout, about to lift some heavy things, or sprint as fast as you can, when suddenly “In the Arms of an Angel” starts playing through your headphones. Bad music can really ruin a workout, so choose your playlist wisely. To each their own with genres of music, you like what you like, but choose the songs and artists that get you pumped. Just a few suggestions: lift to rap/hard rock, run to dance/trap music, and hit those abs with some of your favorite hits to keep you singing while you struggle through a 3 minute plank.

  3. Plan your workout beforehand

    There is nothing worse than getting to the gym, looking around, and thinking “huh, what am I gonna do?” So I suggest always coming up with a plan. Even if it is as simple as saying I will workout 3 days this week, with day 1 for legs, day 2 for upper body, and day 3 for cardio, it will vastly improve your time management for your workout and keep you accountable. It is even better to plan out most of your workout before arriving at the gym so that you don’t get flustered and spend an hour doing donkey kicks because you can’t think of anything else (although that does sound like a workout that would burn out those glutes). A good plan may be something like: “3 supersets of lunges/kickbacks, squats/deadlifts, and abductor/adductor machines”. You do not have to set out each part of your workout, but at least get an idea, and maybe come up with a backup plan, because we all know its practically bound to happen that someone will be using the exact machine you want.

  4. Set short and long term goals

    Setting goals is very important in anything you hope to improve upom. These goals are what drive a person to finish what they started and work hard. The goals you set should be attainable with a consistent amount of effort, but not so easy that they require no commitment. Short term goals are those that you can achieve in the next few days/week/month or even year depending on how much you like planning out your life. One of my short term fitness goals is to do HIIT at least 2 times a week and cardio 3 days a week until the end of summer. Do not make your short term fitness goal something unhealthy or impossible for your current health status. If you are already very thin, setting a goal to lose 6 pounds by Monday is unrealistic and unhealthy. Long term goals require more effort and commitment, like my long term fitness goal for this year, which is to be able to do 3 chin-ups and 1 pull-up unassisted. And let me tell ya, I really think it will take me all year to do them due to the fact that my current personal best is ZEROOOOO. Set your goals, and adjust them occasionally to keep them realistic, but stick with them!

I feel like I always start out all clever at the begginning of my fitness posts and seem to turn into Serious Sally by the end! I am just weird like that I suppose! Back to the fun though, which leads to the announcement that next week’s fitness post will be a for real for real workout. After loads of convincing and pouting (just kidding, there wasn’t too much), I have decided to let my favorite ginger, Hanna, on the blog to join me for a partner workout. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

This is the redhead I am referring to. There is a very good chance I will end up in a headlock, so wish me luck. ILY ByE

Xo, Ciera

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