Girls Just Wanna… workout?

Hellooooo kind people,

So nice seeing you on this fine Thursday, and realizing it is almost the weekend.. thank goodness. Life talk right here, right now, real quick. I am gonna get sappy for like a second, and then I’ll stop. School is real hard and I am real busy right about now, but I would just like to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog or at least looking at the pictures and pretending you read it like I did with Teen Vogue when I was 10. But for real even when I feel like I am going crazy and have a whole bunch of things to get done, I still love coming here to write and knowing that at least my mom, Hanna, my father, maybe Justin, Connor from Scheels, and Brittany will read my blog. And I would also like to say thank you for the feedback and kind words thus far, I am only getting started (insert devilish grin here). Much love from me to you. <3

K, I am done being sappy now, time to get back to being the sassy lady I am. Today’s post is a fitness post, and you and I both know that fitness motivation comes and goes in waves. Sooooo two of the main things I do when I start to lose motivation is buy new workout clothes (because retail therapy is the answer to everything) or get some new tunes to get me pumped up.

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Photos by Courtney Coppola Photography

So here’s the shopping part.. buy this outfit. 🙂

Top: The Laundry Room (mine is sold out, but they have lots of other cute options on the website) | Leggings: Lululemon | Shoes: Nike

Now I am that weird girl at the gym that mouths the words to songs as I am working out, because it is kind of an unwritten rule that if a good song comes on, I have to sing. So no, creepy man at the gym, I am not talking to you, you can keep your headphones in and look elsewhere, because Eminem and I are about to go in on a fire verse, and we don’t need your judgment.

I also like to think of myself as the forever changing spin playlist gal (that is my title from here on out, learn it, live it, love it) so I am constantly trying to change up my playlist to keep it fresh and make sure I have different background noise while I yell at people during class each week.

Disclaimer: your mother would probably not like some of these songs. I see looks of horror on my own mother’s face when she hears the songs I play, so listen at your own discretion. But also remember that these songs are not for speed walking or “light training”.. whatever that is. These songs are here for you when you’re ready to put in some work and get a good workout in. So here we go. 🙂

Sprints (running or on the bike):

Climbs on the bike/lifting:

Working that booty:

When you just wanna get wild at the gym and jam:

And I think that’s all you guys can handle right now, but if you all ever want more music, find me on Spotify and give me a follow because I make like 685746542 playlists a week (that number is very dramatic, not true). You can click on any of the songs in the linked playlist and listen to the songs or go typey-type them into youtube and give them a listen.. maybe close your eyes for a few of the videos though. Whoops. Also I got real sassy in this post.. so sorry. I just had to make up for that early sappiness. Besides that have a lovely weekend and the best workouts of jamming.

Xo, Ciera

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