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Just wanted to start by saying curse that damn groundhog that saw his shadow. I was enjoying the beginning of low-mid 60’s here in Reno and the fact that I didn’t have to put on 17 layers just to make the trek to my 7:30 AM class. But noooooo, the selfish little rodent (is a groundhog a rodent?) decided that winter is here to stay for the next few weeks.

Now today I was all set with the go-ahead (from myself) to do a post all about the best Spring buys, but then yesterday I opened my eyes to snow. Now there has not been a real snowfall once in Reno this year, but of course, the second I make the official decision to transition into spring, SNOW MUST FALL. So in light of recent events, a spring post no longer seemed warranted. Instead I am going to tell ya all about the best ways too wear white in Winter.

WInter whites 6Winter whites 4

Winter whites 3

Dress: Free People (of course it is gone in white, but there are other cute colors linked. :)) || Shoes: YOU ALREADY KNOW Steve Madden || Photography: Courtney Coppola

Also don’t ask why I am touching my hair in all of these pictures… I have no idea what to do with my hands. I’m a weird girl, okay?

I really don’t understand the no white after Labor Day rule, so we are just going to pretend it doesn’t exist for now.. Like does the rule restart in the new year? Isn’t whatever day we are living in technically after Labor Day from last year?? Do I only have a one day opening to wear white on Labor Day exactly??? I don’t get it, so we’re moving past it for now. And ya know what, if you or I want to wear white anytime of the year, we are going to do it, because we are independent young ladies (and possibly gentleman) who don’t need clothing rules.

The best part about winter whites is that they can easily transition into spring. That white cardigan you love now will look adorable with a mini dress in April, and those trendy white booties you thought you would never wear again will make a comeback with a fun floral top. All white is so chic (also very risky if you’re clumsy) and pops of white add vibrancy, so you can really rock it anyway you like.

Now as always I seem to have some sort of warning for you all, so today I will tell you this: white during winter has the opposite effect of white in spring/summer. When you are not already tanned, white makes you look pale pale pale.. so bronze up first or prepare to look like creamy mayonnaise in a crisp white outfit. Snow White over here feels your pain, trust me. And one more warning, I can tell you from personal experience that eating pomegranate arils while wearing blanc en total (that’s some French right there.. maybe) is not a good idea. πŸ™‚

Check out some of my favorite options for the best winter whites (and creams) that can transition you straight into spring. πŸ™‚

shop winter whites 1

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shop winter whites 3

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So go forth and wear white, give that Labor Day rule the middle finger and do yo thanggggg. Tis all for now. Until Thursday..

Xo, Ciera

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  1. Love the white Joes!! The white jumpsuit…so cute – do not want to be naked in the public restroom! πŸ˜‰

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