It takes a village

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Tis Thursday party people! Whoop whoop! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and a happy Wednesday. But I am here to be the bearer of bad news… those 12 Reese’s hearts you ate yesterday aren’t gonna burn themselves off. (maybe I was the only one that ate that many?? I don’t know, asking for a friend here) So it is time you put in some work to make up for the chocolate covered strawberries you devoured in under 5 minutes.

Now once again I was prepared to write a different post, but as always ya girl wasn’t prepared and had a comparative animal physiology test to focus on instead (eye roll). But I just couldn’t leave my devoted fans/readers hanging. 😉 And I think this post may be for the best.

I am no fitness expert, although I like to consider myself one at times. And I am definitely no professional workout video subject either (see partner workout here), but hey I am trying my best. I do know a pretty good amount about workouts and fitness, but if I am being honest, it takes a village to keep me in shape. What I mean by that is I look to so many other workout aficionados for new workouts and obviously cute workout clothes.

Number one aficionado would have to be my father, Jimmy Boy, because he was the one who used to force me to go to the gym and count my reps when he knew I was cheating. We still occasionally match at the gym when we both wear our blue muscle tanks, but it’s safe to say that we went our separate workout ways for artistic differences (a girl can only do so many core chop twist things, and I am convinced the man secretly does 69768558 calf raises a day). Also my mother, Ellen Dearest, dragged my “happy ass” as she liked to put it to spin like everydayyyyyy in middle school. She could bring a horse to water but couldn’t force it to drink (I believe I just referred to myself as a horse??), because I did everything in my power to avoid sweating in those classes. But now I should thank my parental guardians, because they are the reason I am up in the gym just working on (and teaching) some fitness. Oh and we can’t forget about Jusibear, who really didn’t get paid enough to put up with my high school attitude every personal training session. Really he didn’t get paid at all, but the boy didn’t listen, I CANNOT DO BURPEES WITHOUT A PROPER SPORTS BRA.

However in this day and age I no longer need my mommy and daddy (and brother I guess) to follow me around and force me to do some planks. This is getting lengthy, but I swear I am almost to the point.. I can now go to the gym with my handy dandy phone in hand and get a really good workout in based off of someone else’s hard work. And by someone else, I mean all of the great ladies on Instagram who come up with some real good workouts. Combining a few different supersets from these girls leads to an easy way to get a bomb workout and not have to think so much about the logistics.

So here is what I do: I save all of my favorite workout videos in my collections on Instagram and sort them by parts of the bod. Then I go to the gym, get a light warm up in, and head to IG on my phone. Based on what I am feelin that day, I pick that body part and get to work on a couple supersets from a few videos. This is what my collections page looks like (practically a shrine of my girl Whitney Simmons.. I know):

Photo Feb 15, 7 59 03 AM

Once you’ve got all of your videos saved in one place, they are super easy to refer back to and getting a good workout in is 1000% possible. Now I am going to include a few of my favorite gals to follow for workout inspo, a quick blurb about why I like em, and then I am going to stop typing so you guys don’t lose interest. 🙂 (all accounts are linked by clicking the picture, so you can give them that follow).


First, my personal favorite, Whitney Simmons. Best all around workouts with a mix of full body. Real cute clothes doggos too. 🙂

Photo Feb 15, 7 59 39 AM

Next, Hannah Bower. She’s preggers now, but I can guarantee she could still kick my ass in a pull-up contest. She used to be a competitive gymnast, so most of her workouts are majorly strength based.

Photo Feb 15, 8 00 02 AM

Third is Sara Wardell. She has the flattest stomach I have probably ever seen and posts some real good workouts on her page.


Next is Cristina Capron. She posts some bomb shoulder workouts which will leave your arms in major pain, and her hamstring days are no joke.

photo-feb-15-8-00-59-am1.png Then there is Sami B. She comes up with the craziest total body workouts, and is so so lean.


And lastly, Brittany Perille. If you want a booty, she will get you that booty I promise. Her workouts will leave your glutes burning for days.

So that’s all I have got for today. Always remember that it is not a bad thing to look for a little help in the gym. A new perspective could be all you need to finally make those changes you’ve been hoping for. I may or may not have a surprise on the blog tomorrow, so check back to see what it is. 🙂

Are there any Instagram/YouTube fitness ladies you love? Leave them in the comments below if I missed any of your favorites. 🙂

Xo, Ciera

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  1. I follow these girls on Instagram too! Also, Whitney Simmons, Hannah Bower, Cristina Capron, & Sami Bossert (leanmachine21) all have YouTubes where they post full workouts 🙂 You don’t have to even think because the whole workout will be in one video!

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