Sometimes ya gotta be a little basic

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I am so happy you are back for another installment of The Devil Wears Rompers, because it’s about to get basic up in here. Now I am even embarrassed typing that phrase, but I mean it in a very fashion-forward, non-annoying 7th grade Instagram kind of way. The main point of today’s post is every basic article of clothing you could and will ever need in your life.

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Top: Urban Outfitters | Jeans: American Eagle | Shoes: Madewell

Photos by: Courtney Coppola

Now there are statement pieces, and there are basics.. so today we will discuss the basics to get you started, and fill in with some statement pieces next week. A lot of people ask me what basics they really need in their wardrobe, and the answer is technically simple, as they are your everyday, go-to pieces, that can be worn 6964873 different ways. A basic in your closet would most likely not be the neon green, zebra-print bandage dress you bought in 2013, but instead should be something like white tees or dark wash jeans.

A basic is a basic, so it is the starting point of an outfit, and can be dressed up or down as you please. It is also super important that you absolutely LOVE your basics, and are comfortable in them, because you can bet your happy ass that you will be wearing them a whole lot more than you would like to admit. So let’s get started with some of the best and most necessary basics to ever grace this blog as well as your eyeballs.

  1. White Tee – the most basic of basics. I’m legitimately not sure how a closet could function without one of these. It can be worn plain with a cute pair of jeans and some sneakers, dressed up under a suede or leather jacket, or look equally as adorable with a patterned skirt and some wedges. Basics 1Basics 2Basics 3
  2. A (few) good pair(s) of jeans – trust me, I hate putting on real pants just as much as the next person, but there is something to be said about a nice pair of jeans. I swear it really is magical when you change out of those leggings and put on some denim.. you become a new woman. Basics 4Basics 5Basics 6
  3. Leather or suede jacket – dressing outfits up is so much easier when you are able to throw on a quick, structured jacket. A leather jacket with some moto detailing adds the perfect amount of edge. If you feel like leather makes you look a little too Hot Topic or even like a T-bird from Grease, go suede to add some texture. Basics 7Basics 9Basics 8
  4. Quality handbag – clearly we’ve all got a lot of baggage 😉 Ladies for real though, you carry a purse almost every single day and treat it worse than you did your skin in those tanning bed days. Make sure you get a bag that can withstand daily wear, and still look cute.Basics 10Basics 11Basics 12
  5. Neutral sweater – whether it’s cold, hot, raining, snowing, or shining down sun from above, you really can’t go wrong with a neutral sweater in a light material. Wear it with some jeans or even cutoff shorts. Go real edgy by layering a sweater over a slip dress.. I swear the look will surprise you. Basics 13Basics 14Basics 15
  6. Jean jacket – have you ever heard of a Canadian tuxedo? Welp, it’s a denim on denim look, and I tell you, DO NOT SHY AWAY FROM IT, it is so in right now. A denim jacket is also perfect with a simple band tee or over a cute sundress.Basics 16Basics 17Basics 18
  7. Versatile dress – most everywhere you look will tell you that you need a LBD, which I do think is a solid notion… But in my opinion you should have a dress or two, any color, that you feel confident in and can be worn tons of different ways. Basics 19Basics 20Basics 21
  8. Adorable wedges/espadrilles – for those of you heel-challenged ladies like me out there, a wedge is the perfect way to add some height without going full-on baby deer while attempting to walk. Espadrille wedges are even more ideal for summer and look so adorable with a midi dress or flowy jumpsuit.Basics 22Basics 23Basics 24
  9. Jean shorts – I know, more denim.. but I’m not sorry. I am not saying you need to go full Daisy Duke (please get some that cover your butt) with the tied up flannel and booty-showing shorts, but instead try some jean shorts at a respectable length with some cute tops and sandals. It will literally be your go-to summer look. Basics 25Basics 26Basics 27
  10. Comfortable shoes – girl, you and I both know that beauty is pain, but sometimes we have to take a hiatus from the 7 inch heels and throw on some comfy shoes. Try some Converse or a cute pair of mules.. I promise your feet will thank you. Basics 28Basics 29Basics 30

Now I am sure there are many more basics you can add to your wardrobe, but these are the ones I center my closet around, so I think you should too! (My blog, my rules) These all are linked by clicking the picture and are waiting eagerly to be purchased by you, so get to it. 🙂

Xo, Ciera

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