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Feliz martes a todos = Happy Tuesday to you all.. hopefully. I’m a Spanish minor and still struggle with the basics, but we will hope for the best. Today’s blogpost is all about spicing up your wardrobe and maybe even your life. Having fun clothes is literally the best part of life, and wearing neutrals really can’t put the same smile on your face that a graphic tee can. Unless you legitimately hate happiness, despise color, and would prefer the whole world be black like your soul, definitely read this post for some of the best pieces to add some flair to your closet.

Statement 31Statement 29

Top, skirt, and shoes all old, so just use it as a reference when making a statement outfit with a bold lip. 🙂

Photos by: Courtney Coppola

Now remember last week, back to when I mentioned that neon green, zebra print bandage dress from 2010?? When I say statement pieces, I am still not referring to that, so it is really time for you to toss that one. Statement pieces are in reference to the best few things in your closet that can immediately add a pop of color or fun pattern to any outfit.

Generally statement pieces should be worn one at a time, and most likely paired with a decently simple outfit aside from the specific piece. When planning an outfit use Coco Chanel’s rule of thumb, which is to put on all of the jewelry/accessories/statement pieces you want to wear, and then take off 1-3 depending on the size of the haul you put on. So just remember that when it comes to statement pieces, less is most definitely more. And now without further ado, here are some of my choices for the best spicy pieces you need.

  1. Colored Booties – there is nothing like an all-black outfit from head to ankle with a sudden POP of color. Bright shoes really make you seem like you know what you’re doing with your fashion. Statement 2Statement 1Statement 3
  2. A matching set – whether you are taking a tropical vacation or just hanging out for the weekend, matching sets look so chic and fun without even having to try hard.Statement 6Statement 5Statement 4
  3. Overalls – I know these get a bad stigma, but I promise you that if you stay away from pairing them with a pair of cowboy boots, dirt, and a flannel, they are super cute and fun to dress up or down. Statement 9Statement 8Statement 7
  4. Graphic tee – I may just be the queen of graphic tees if I do say so myself. If it says something sassy or witty, you better believe I need it. A graphic tee takes your normal jeans & t-shirt routine from so-so to “wow, she’s a feisty one isn’t she??” Statement 10Statement 12Statement 11
  5. A fun skirt – you can twirl, dance, jump around.. just like in those weird feminine product commercials they always show on TV.. But for real, a skirt is just flirty enough without saying you’re made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. Statement 13Statement 15Statement 14
  6. Pom pom accessories – I  have really got a thing for those pom pom earrings to be exact, but since my ears heal at the rate of snails, I can’t wear them.. so I think you should. I also love a good pom bag. Statement 17Statement 16Statement 18
  7. Jumpsuit – jumpsuits, rompers, they’re all the rage.. because The Devil Wears Rompers obviously 🙂 but really, get yourself one (or two) because we are taking that pant suit way past the likes of Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman. Statement 21Statement 20Statement 19
  8. Some flowy pants – there really is nothing better than being able to eat a full double double meal from In-N-Out and still be able to move those hips in some aerobics-esque circles right after.. and flowy pants let ya do it, so they win. Statement 24Statement 23Statement 24
  9. BIG sunglasses – you may be hiding the long night of drinking and no sleep, or a full face of makeup until you get your hair-blowing-in-the-wind moment, or maybe you actually use them to block the sun, but nobody would ever know since you have a super cute pair of sunglasses to cover more than half of your face. 🙂 Statement 25Statement 27Statement 26

Now once again, there may be some things I forgot, or you would personally like added,  and I am open to suggestions.. but always remember, I run the show around here. 🙂 Also a sidenote I must add is that you should splurge on the basics, and save on the trendier statement pieces. So with that, I trust you will throw away anything that combines neon and animal print, and shop using my guide instead.

Xo, Ciera

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