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A few days without Spanish class and I’ve still got it. I️’m on SPRANG BREAK this week and spending my time writing posts for you and working on the blog! I recently upgraded z blog (and by recently, I mean yesterday, so I have no idea how to change anything yet) but there will be exciting new things.. like my ‘Shop My Instagram’ finally functioning! Woohoooo! And maybe a few other things?? Who knows really, your guess is as good as mine when it comes to working this thing. 😂

Photos: Allegra Bertani | Dress: Revolve | Stripe Top: Nordstrom | Shoes: Steve Madden

But for today I have another edition of my favorite things! Now this is my third post in this category and I would like to point out that all of the things in these specific posts are things I own, have tried, and am currently loving. So by that I mean that they get the Ciera stamp of approval. 😊

So let’s get started with today’s favorite things! And first on the list is this ‘Sunlit Cedar’ candle from White Barn. Now I’m a sucker for candles.. I swear I am the targeted audience for all of the buy one get one and 2 for $24 sales they run at Bath & Body Works. If they are having a deal, I’m there. But this scent in particular is so deliciously good because it is Abercrombie, Hollister, and a little bit more musk all mixed together. If you like your candle to smell like your favorite store circa 2007 this is the one for you. (It’s linked through Amazon, but there are only 17 left so order fast!)

Next up we have got ourselves some anteojos (tbh I had to google translate that one). These ‘Haley’ glasses are from Warby Parker, and the answer to all of my real-life glasses dreams. It’s terribly difficult finding glasses that are actually cute, but these lavender crystal ones are stylish, reasonably priced, and and and the website accepts insurances for reimbursement! Triple win.

And last but not least I have one of my new favorite brands at Revolve. 😍😍 The brand is by the way. and it consists of super cute stuff ranging from casual to fancy all under $100. The quality is top notch too, so I promise it’s nothin cheap!

So that’s about all I’ve got for today, but seriously check this stuff out. It’s pretty dang good if I do say so myself.

Xo, Ciera

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