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Hey pumpkin pies,

So I debated this week’s fitness post for hours on end, and I really had no idea what I wanted to write about and to be honest with ya I didn’t have any sort of workout to share with you.. Whoops. 🙂 but then I thought that I would tell you about my fitness journey thus far, because believe it or not I was not always a fan of working out. Also before I begin, I am an emotional young lady, I ugly cry with the best of them, but I don’t love sharing my feelings, so this post is a wee bit vulnerable for me.. So go easy on me, ily thanks.

My fitness journey mainly began in middle school when my mother would force me to go to spin class. She always told me to stay active and eat healthy while I was young so it would be easier to keep up with when I was an old lady like her (just kidding mumsy). So pretty much my mother would drag me to spin class because I couldn’t drive and force me onto that spin bike, but I had a secret weapon.. I could work hard-ish but not hard enough to sweat so I could pass off each class like it was a walk in the park..

Oh the embarrassment of middle school photos.

Now fast forward to high school, where I was cheering 3-4 days a week and going to the gym 3 days or so as well, but never really seeing any progress, always just maintaining. When I would go to the gym I would do 30 minutes or so on the stairs and a 15 minute session of lifting 5 pounds and call it a day. And the Manogue cheer team did not have the most rigorous fitness routine, so cardio was at a minimum. I would literally avoid my father like the plague at the gym because he would try to make me do hard stuff, and I wasn’t about that life.

Photo Mar 22, 4 29 55 PM
How do I get this tan again?

From junior-senior year of high school, I thoroughly developed my womanly curves (wow, there is no good way to say that) and realized that my metabolism and I were starting not to be as great of friends as we once were. I can eat, a lot. Still can eat as much as a grown man, but this is when I realized I may have to take fitness more seriously than working out minutes before going to the lake or complaining through one of Justin’s training sessions.

Photo Jun 27, 2 12 15 PM
Aweee senior pics

Once college started I didn’t gain the expected Freshman 15 like everyone warned  me about, and I was still maintaining. I would run stairs once or twice a week and hit up the gym when I could.. but I avoided weights at all costs because I thought my legs were getting too ‘bulky’. So needless to say that high cardio, no weights, low protein diet backfired pretty quickly.

This picture makes me cringe looking back on it because that was me ‘sucking in’

The summer before my sophomore year of college my family and I went to Oregon on vacation, and it is literally the only place my mom buys Costco cookies and muffins, so it’s pretty much my happy place.. but once we got back to Reno I realized that not only had the chocolatey goodness caught up to me, but so had my terrible eating and bad workout habits. It’s weird to think of now, but  looking at this picture (below) was the first time I realized that I was no longer happy with my body.. and by that I mean I was no longer happy with how I was treating myself or my body. 

Photo Mar 22, 2 28 48 PM
Cried when I looked at this picture.. It was a reality check for me.

Next came winter of a couple of years ago when I still wasn’t looking or feeling my greatest, but had noticed a slight change in my body, so I was happy with it. But then I started to wonder how I was still staying pretty much the same if I had bettered my eating and workout habits?? It dawned on me that the ‘college experience’ was taking it’s toll on me. I was never a major drinker or anything, but the occasional drinks, staying up super late, and treating iced coffee as a meal was not good for me.

Then I was so happy to have discovered Escape in February of last year. I went for the first time to take one of Bailey’s Booty Bootcamp classes as my first visit, and it wrecked me. Before then I had never left a non-cardio workout sweating, and I had no idea if I liked it or was deeply terrified.. but I decided I would stick out my new client pass for the week and really make an educated decision. By the end of that first week I was hooked and I decided to buy a month unlimited, which I then did for the following 3 months. I was going to Escape at least once everyday, most days twice, and some days three times to get my workout. I loved it so much and was finally seeing the results I was hoping for. Not being able to buy food since I spent all of it on clothes and was no longer living with my parents also hurried up the weight loss goals (living the college dream).


And then it dawned on me in May, if I am here so often, and I love the people, workouts, and environment here, why not teach? I decided to get my group exercise certification and started teaching at Escape in June of last year, and I can honestly say I have never loved a job as much as I love my job at Escape. Being an instructor is a whole different feeling and knowing that I am there to motivate others helps me work even harder. I love the fact that I get to help others while helping myself  (ugly cry face beginning).

Photo Mar 22, 2 28 56 PM
Progress pics are awk…

Now that brings us to just about now. I am happy with my body and confident, but not fully satisfied. I understand that I need to keep pushing myself and getting stronger in order to see continued results, but developing a healthy relationship with myself, food, and working out has helped me greatly. I also hope that this post has in no way hurt anyone’s feelings or made them feel lesser as everyone is different and we are all on our own personal health journeys. Sorry to get all sappy with you today, but I hope this post helps you understand me a little better as well as yourself. I promise I will be back next week with a sassy workout to make you feel all sorts of spicy. Thanks for bearing with me.


Xo, Ciera

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