Lucky for you that’s what I like

Hey hey hey girls & boys,

That intro sounded a little creepier than I originally intended it to, but we are here now and rolling with it. 🙂 Also if you aren’t singing Bruno Mars in your head after reading the title, please excuse yourself and come back when you are ready to be a solid member of The Devil Wears Rompers family. Just kidding, you can stay.. just know that I am judging you as we speak.

Just kidding again, judgment free zone here, because peace & love is where it’s at. I sound like I just did about 2 downward dogs too many and am forcing my Namaste upon everyone.. not a fan of yoga anyway, so who knows where this is coming from. My gosh I am  so off topic today, pull it together, Ciera. Alright, I am back in full force with a FAVORITE THINGS POST DUN DUN DUN. Let’s get right into it and start it up pals.

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My list of favorite things today consists of two hair products and an accessory, so if you are bald and/or a fan of boring outfits, no need to read any further.. but if you’ve got even one follicle left on your head and an urge to be supes cute, read on sista friend.

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First on the list is U Oil by UNITE. It is the absolute best argan oil to ever grace your hair. It is pretty much every hair strand’s dream to be healed by this beauty queen. Honestly though, majorly smoothing and hydrating for the hair.

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Next is 7 Seconds Condition also by UNITE, which I would categorize as a miracle in a bottle. I am legitimately not sure how people live their lives without this product in it. This conditioning spray is a grown up version of that awful detangling spray your mom used to spray in your hair after swim lessons.. The good news about this stuff though is that it smells good, actually works, and protects your hair as well.

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And lastly for today we have ourselves the accessory of the season: a bandana. This one is a classic printed blue bandana from Urban Outfitters, but there are so many other color and design options available in this big old world. You can wear a bandana tied in your hair, around your neck, wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet and so many other ways I am sure you crazy kids will come up with. We are all going to promise not to wear them as tops though. Okay? Okay. Ily bye. (Also, typed banana instead of bandana at least 10 times.. words are hard)

I hope you have an excellent hump day and make it until tomorrow without missing me too much. 🙂

Xo, Ciera

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