Back in black

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This morning I woke up and rushed to finish some Spanish homework, only to find out upon my arrival at class that I did the wrong homework.. So the incorrect 4 page homework I did was a heck of a start to my day, but the good news is I am fully prepared for next Tuesday’s class, and I can sleep in an extra 15 minutes come April 3rd. But enough of the sob story from me.. I’m fine really. So today we are back and feistier than ever and I am comin at you with a workout that’s speedy quick and works everything you are trying to tone up by bathing suit season.

I decided to wear black for this gym sesh to mourn the loss of my fat as it sheds away pre summer time.. or maybe it was because my fake tan has been sweating off onto anything light colored, or maybe it was a preemptive measure to save me from the copious amounts of aminos I spilled on myself after. I am really not sure anymore, but we are going to go with the first option. I also think I wore black to make you all think I was a tough girl after my emotional outpouring last week, and maybe it worked because Brittany told me today I looked like a “badass chick, just without the pants with chains on them.” 🙂

But for real for real today I have the simplest Bosu ball workout you have ever seen in your whole entire life, and it targets your abs and that bootayyyyyy. And me saying that my workout video skills have improved since last time would be a large overstatement, so don’t prepare for anything too good. All you need for this is a bosu ball, yo bod, and a mat if you are a pansy like me.

First is a single leg knee tuck/other leg to standing straight up. Use the bosu ball to get that added crunch on the way up. Squeeze your butt real tight at the top to feel the whole effect, and then back down onto the ball. 10 reps of these guys.

Next we have got ourselves a leg set with a lunge – jump with the back foot on the bosu ball. When you come up from the lunge, squeeze your bum real hard at the top and land softly back on the ground instead of making an elephant thud in the group exercise room as I often do. 🙂 Add in the jump/clap under if you are feeling wild. 10 reps each leg of these guys too.

Please excuse my focus into the mirror on some of these videos, there was a guy doing his own version of the Karate Kid in the opposite corner. Third we have an oblique crunch to knee tucks. Stabilize your core first above the ball and then perform the moves. Do 40 total, with each move counting as 1.

And lastly we finish out with that booty burnout on the bosu. Lift your leg up toward you with a bend in the knee and then straighten it out on the way down. DO NOT LET YOUR BUTT TOUCH THE GROUND. IT IS LAVA. Then switch legs. Once you complete 10 reps on each leg, bring both feet to the ball and do hip raises with your legs close together. This is a burnout people, so do 30 of the legs together lifts. Your butt should physically be in pain.

You then repeat the circuit 3-4 times to complete this superset. It is really that simple dear friends. So get ready to feel the burn in that booty and crunch those abs just in time to look hot hot hot come swimsuit season.

Side note: it is not necessary to look like such a mess at the gym.. just a great talent of mine to do so.

Xo, Ciera


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