Coac ‘Hella’ ready for festival season

Hi pretties,

Goodness gracious I crack myself up, and really use too many puns for my own good.. but that’s just the kind of gal that I am. As promised from last week, I have a full roundup of festival fashion coming your way today. Now a small bit of truth before I begin.. I have never been to a single one of the festivals I am about to help you dress for, but that does not mean I can’t help you look like the festival queen of your dreams. I can work some magic.

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Photos by: Ashlyn Lee

Duster: Leith (mine was a lucky Nordstrom Rack sale purchase, but I linked a similar one here)| Top: Amuse Society | Skirt: Free People | Wedges: Marc Fisher | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Festivals are dirty, nasty, hot places if we are still being honest.. but that doesn’t mean you can wear some of your best muddin’ gear and call it good. I am very guilty of doing this myself, but ya know that feeling of noticing someone look your outfit up and down? Well that is going to happen time and time again and if your space buns aren’t properly fluffed, or your bralette properly placed, it could be a tragedy.. kinda like when Beyoncé cancelled at Coachella last year. So if you want each scan of your outfit to result in every girl asking just where you got every single piece, read on and soak it all in.

And before I begin, no one ever said you HAVE to wear your best cowboy boots to Stagecoach, and the cutest flower crown money can buy to Coachella! Still remember to show off your own personal style and wear something you are comfortable in, because the only thing worse than a boring festival outfit is being that girl that is constantly pulling her skirt down or dancing with her arms crossed to avoid a nipple being seen. I’ll stop talking now, I swear, Here are my picks for three of the upcoming festivals, categorized by the vibe (as the internet defines it) of each individual event. Enjoy my lovely friends!


Festival CO3

Festival CO2

Festival CO1

Festival CO4

Festival CO5

Festival CO7

Festival CO6.jpg

Festival CO8

Festival CO9


Festival SC1.jpg

Festival SC2

Festival SC4

Festival SC3

Festival SC5.jpg

Festival SC6

Festival SC7

Festival SC8


Festival BR1

Festival BR2

Festival BR3

Festival BR4.jpg

Festival BR5.jpg

Festival BR6

Festival BR7

And apparently after looking back at my pics I unknowingly went for a very neutral vibe until the last few choices for each festival.. who knows really. 🙂 So you go dance & sing for the both of us, and share rock some major style this festival season.

Xo, Ciera



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