The Devil and her minions do indeed wear Rompers


Back again on this fine Wednesday, and I am sure you all have not left your phone/computer in anticipation for the next post. 😊 Comin’ in a little late, but we are making it! I have got but two of my most favorite things ever on the blog today.. and yes, they are my two cute gals that made the cover photo.. they’re not writing any posts or anything, just looking cute for you all to see! But in addition to those munchkins I have got a super cute bralette and an exfoliant you absolutely must try. Also if anyone was wondering, I was going to include a new pair of no-show socks that I thought I was loving, and never slipped down or anything… and then they turned my toes pink. 🙃 so hope and pray that washes off before anyone thinks I have a weird foot disease.

These two items are actual angels coming down from the heavens to grace us, I swear. If you don’t have them already, jump on it!

First is this lacy number from Free People. This eyelet bralette is super duper comfy, and keeps the girls right in place. Detailing: to die for, straps: supportive, colors: comes in a bajillion, overall: amazing. The back is super stretchy in case you have a heavy eating day or decide to go 7th grade status and stuff your bra. Hey, I am not judging!

And then we have got this hot item which is exactly what it looks like. This booty scrub from Anese is probably something you didn’t know you needed until now! If you’ve got cellulite, stretch marks, acne, bumpy skin, uneven tone, or really just got yoself a booty, you NEED this stuff. Smells terrible if I am being honest, but works like a charm.. so plug your nose and get to exfoliating. 😊

Thank you so very much for joining me on this speedy quick ‘favorites’ day! Hope your boobies stay supported, and your booties exfoliated.

Xo, Ciera

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