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Happy happy Thursday party people! It is a fitness post kinda day, and I have got a review for you. SO I know everyone has different body types, different exercise habits, as well as different likes and dislikes, but I am going to give you my 100% honest review of the BBG workout. This is not sponsored.. (I just wanted to say that because all of the big-time bloggers say that, and I thought you guys would think I am cool) But I am way cooler than you will ever know, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

If you have no idea what BBG is, I will so kindly explain it, because my mom told me no one likes mean girls, so here I am, being nice. 🙂 BBG stands for ‘Bikini Body Guide’ and it consists of plyometric and weighted workouts along with a couple of days of cardio a week to get you that ideal bikini body. So literally every single blogger I follow has raved about this program, so I decided I would give it a try. I was going to buy the book, but then I thought Mother Earth is dying, so I should just download the app.. which I did. The app is called Sweat, and is free through the app store, but just you wait, they get ya.

I downloaded the app and what not, and decided I was going to do BBG Stronger instead of the original because it incorporated machines, and heavier weights, which tree-trunk leg gals like me need. I clicked it and it told me it was $20/month.. which isn’t too bad ya know, but really I was just trying this out for the sake of all of you, and $20 is a little steep for a college girl’s budget.. so I decided instead on the free week trial. This is getting lengthy already, I will get movin’ here. 

I did the whole week’s worth of my free trial and decided I wouldn’t be continuing with the program. Now like I said everyone is different, and I honestly believe that if you are already a longer, leaner, thinner gal, this is the workout for you, but for me, it was not my fave. This program is designed by Kayla Itsines, literally the definition of long & lean (think super toned, but way thinner than I will ever be, and strong chopsticks as legs compared to my logs (weird analogy I know) as a reference), so it makes sense that these workouts are more so directed toward gals like her.

I am in no way, shape, or form discrediting the program, just saying it didn’t get me all amped up on Mountain Dew ready to come at you like a spider monkey (that’s a Ricky Bobby reference if you were unaware). To me, the workouts seemed a little short, but I am weird and don’t feel like I have really done a workout unless it is longer than 30 minutes. These 28 minute workouts would be great for busy peeps or maybe those that work out at home though. Also I normally look to workout programs and Instagram workouts for new things I didn’t know about, but most of the program consisted of the same things I dread doing like jump squats, chest presses, and straight-leg situps. I like my workout to change with my mood and challenge me with new things. If you are a fitness newbie or are just completely overwhelmed when you are at the gym, I would try it out. 

Of course I am not a negative nelly, so there were definitely some things I liked. I like the split that is set out in the program. The schedule laid out is super easy to follow, and goes 1 day legs, 1 day arms/abs, 1 day full body, and 3 days low impact cardio. ( I am more of a high impact cardio kinda gal, but it was a nice week of walking and stair climbing) I also liked that you can also follow the meal plan for an added bonus (and an added purchase). I would also say that the app is uber easy to navigate and track your daily workouts.

So sadly I do not have rock hard abs just yet, or legs as toned as Kayla’s, but that’s what happens when you are a BBG dropout after the first week, kids. I think for now I will stick with my current workout regimen and see what happens. Also, if you ever have any weird fitness programs or anything you’re too nervous to try but would love to know if they work, send them my way and I will be your guinea pig. 🙂

Xo, Ciera



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