Getting you all ‘SET’ for Spring

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Lovely to see all of your shining faces back once again. Long time no talk it seems like, and I was just itching to get back here and typy-type once again. And since I still like ya guys a little I decided to do a post all about matching sets, which is long overdue. Sets are alllllll of the rage this spring and summer, and you would be lying to yourself if you thought you could survive without one or two in your closet. Set 12Set 11

Set: Sierra Belle | Shoes: Dolce Vita (mine are old, so I linked you to the Dolce Vita shop page at Nordstrom) | Photos: Allegra Bertani

Now when I am talking sets I am not referring to the hot pink velour tracksuit that said “JUICY” across the booty. I’m talking about the cute, chic sets, like the ones Cher wore in Clueless, but we are going to go a little more updated than her famous yellow plaid skirt and blazer. And for all of you thrifty shoppers out there, you can get a good amount of bang for your buck from sets, because they can be worn tons of different ways. Wear it as the intended set, change the top and wear a cute crop with the patterned bottoms, or wear the top with a sassy pair of high rise shorts, and you’ve already got three outfits right there. So here are my favorite picks for matching sets that will hopefully make their way into your heart , and of course your closet.

Set 3Set 2Set 1Set 6Set 5Set 4 Set 7 Set 8

All the cool kids are going monochromatic and wearing matching sets, so don’t let anyone tell you different. The best part about these sets too, is you look so effortless chic, and no wind machine or sun-kissed glow is technically required! That’s it for today. 🙂

Also very exciting things coming for the next blog post, so get excited!

Xo, Ciera

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