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Hi friends,

Hooray for Wednesday and for being halfway through this very long week! Today is a very exciting favorites post because I have been accepted into rewardStyle!! Now I am sure that means nothing to all of you, but pretty much it means that it is now easier for me to link everything, a prettier setup, and easier for you to shop. That is called a win-win-win people! So there will now be a slight change in the look of some of my blog posts, but even simpler to navigate so you now have no excuse to not do some major shopping damage. 🙂

Technically today’s favorite things list is a bunch of things all wrapped into one big thing. It is allllll about the Shopbop friends and family sale. Now kind of like John Tucker’s birthday party (if you haven’t seen John Tucker Must Die, I am not sure we can be friends), this Shopbop sale is like homecoming combined with prom… combined with MTV Music Awards. It’s a pretty freakin big deal. ALL ORDERS UNDER $500 get 20% off with the code ‘EVENT18’, and orders over $500 get 25% off with that same code. THIS IS NOT A DRILL PEOPLE, YOU MUST HURRY BECAUSE IT ONLY LASTS THROUGH SATURDAY! So I am going to share some of my favorites from the sale so you can charge up that card and get to ordering. 🙂

Shopbop F&F

This stuff is just too good! All of the photos are clickable, so you can easily shop directly from this page!

I hope you guys get some good stuff and take advantage of this sale.. it goes by quicker than you think! Happy shopping! 🙂

Xo, Ciera



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