And so it continues…

Hi friends,

You’re back once again and I so very appreciate it. Now I noticed that the links yesterday were not working on mobile devices, which is annoying I know.. but I have no specific answer quite yet on how to fix it, so we are going to try an experiment and see if I can stumble upon a solution. Also today was supposed to be a special guest post by Justin Michael Farley, but apparently my one day warning for the post was not enough time for the genius to do his work. He will be writing it next week (he doesn’t know this yet) so stay tuned! It is going to be all about the terrible workout he brought me to yesterday, in which I only complained like 5 times.

But since Justin takes 26783626 days to write a post making fun of me 2678255 different ways, I will be writing today’s post.. I guess as I am doing right about now. So in hopes of holding myself accountable, I am going to tell you guys about my current ‘cut’ I am doing. If you saw me eating my second bowl of cheerios last night, you would not have believed I am ‘cutting’ currently, but occasionally a girl has got to eat.

I am technically 4 days into my cut, but I use the term ‘technically’ loosely since I mentioned that I ate everything in sight last night. My cut pretty much consists of not eating bad foods, sugars, or anything I actually want to eat. So I guess you could say it is going kinda well. Honestly though, prior to last night I had been eating pretty healthy.. I blame the crossfit class and teaching two classes after that for stuffing my face excessively. I am focusing on eating lean proteins, lowering my dairy intake, and eating lots of veggies! (Yay greens)

Along with healthy eating, I am working out at least once a day, hitting weights 4-5 times/week, and cardio 4-5 times/week as well. Most of my second or third workouts of the day come from teaching a class, but for a normal person I really do not think it is necessary to work out 10 times a week. The main goal of my ‘cut’ is to tone up by summer, because I only have 5 weeks until this bod has to be seen in a swimsuit (cue excess self tanning as well). I am not trying to lose excess weight or prepare for any wrestling matches or body competitions, just trying to strut my stuff in my bikini come May. So please help hold me accountable and force me to stay with this plan. WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHERRRRRR!

Also since the Shopbop sale is still scooting along, I’ve included some super cute workout picks all at 20% off with ‘EVENT18’!!

So if any of you see me trying to put chocolate cake near my mouth, slap it out of my hand, and please keep me on track! Okay, see you next week honey bunssss. ❤️❤️❤️

Xo, Ciera

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