Has anyone every played Mall Madness?? As I was writing that title it gave me terrible flashbacks to each time that little machine would say there was a sale. Also, why did that game never end?? I would make it to the final destination and then it would tell me to go somewhere else.. was I just that bad at Mall Madness? Anywho, I am running a little late with today’s post, my apologies. I’ve been a very busy gal!

BUUUUUUUUTTTT today’s post is uber exciting because Sephora is having a sale this weekend. Yes, a sale. Which means more beauty supplies and less money in your wallet, but like in a good way. I always like to think of how much money I saved instead of spent when big sales like this happen.. it hurts the heart a little less. To get 10% off your purchase, you must be a beauty insider, which if you are not already you can go sign up online! But if you’re super cool like me (and share an account with your mom like me too), then you are up to VIB status and get 15% off your purchase! WHOOP WHOOP! The sale is April 20-23, in store and online. I promise the good stuff will go first so don’t you forget about it!

I also included some of my Sephora favorites that I already own, along with some of the things I am eyeing and will most likely end up buying this weekend. 🙂 Next week I will let you know about my haul and try some of the new stuff, along with a little makeup session with my favorite pale-faced ginger done by professional makeup artist, me (just kidding I don’t even know how to put on eyeliner, but I’ll try my best).

Okayy, here’s my picks now.

I hope you get all sorts of beautified, and get crazyyyy!

Xo, Ciera

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