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It’s Thursday poppets, and a very special occasion indeed. Justin Michael Farley is back on the blog today to chat all about our Crossfit partner workout experience. And this better be good because he now thinks he should own 70% of the blog, meaning that I owe him about $1 thus far (gigantic cardboard check is in the mail buddy boy).. I don’t have any decent pictures from the workout because our photographer apparently had the shakes, but this next set of photos from last year in Cabo pretty much captured the same feelings I felt during the workout.

Now Mr. Crossfit himself is a true professional, but ya girl is just not about that burpee, deadlifts for speed, killing my back kinda thing, so I am sure you can guess that Justin and I were on different pages. But I will let Justin tell you all about how it went… so here we go:

Ciera’s First Crossfit Journey

Back again by popular demand! Welcome to Justin and Ciera’s fitness adventure, written by Ciera’s role model, icon, and overall inspiration.

It started out as a normal Monday, right up until I found out that my usual gym (box for all you crossfitters out there) was hosting a community day to allow a friend to come check out the gym and do a partner workout for free. The moment I heard this, I knew who I wanted to call to invite. Someone that I knew would enjoy a challenge, be up for a new adventure, and someone who would complain minimally. My dad couldn’t make it.

So onto my next invite, someone who would slightly complain, wouldn’t be thrilled to be invited but would show up anyways and pretend to have a little fun.

My mom and Ciera’s favorite Ginger (aka The Ball and Chain) couldn’t make it either.

After calling around 250 of my closest friends, I was left with no other options…So the one I knew would refuse to go unless dragged, that would complain nonstop and possibly threaten my life for putting her through such a workout was going to be my partner for the day.

What follows below is the timeline of events, with commentary added by me.

Wednesday 4/12/2018 – Double Edge Fitness Midtown4:15 PM: Ciera rolls into to Double Edge with a fake smile on and informs me “If I’m doing this crap with you, you are writing a blog post and we are taking a picture”. I refuse. We compromise by taking a picture and me writing a blog post.

4:25 PM: Ciera’s first glance at the workout. With a partner: 50 Wall Balls (20/14), 40 Cal Bike, 30 Deadlifts (135#/95#), 20 synchronized burpees. 3 minute rest. Repeat in the reverse order. The complaints start flowing.     Ciera: “I did like 100 super heavy deadlifts yesterday”

Justin: “Oh”

Ciera: “And wall balls too?? My legs hurt from Monday, plus I’m teaching two spinning classes later.”

Justin: “K”

Ciera: “But the bike shouldn’t be too bad…”

Justin: “Good luck”

Ciera: “And burpees twice?? I didn’t wear the correct number of bras for this”

Justin: “-” No clue how to respond

4:37 PM: Warmups over. The entire class now knows that I brought my sister. Her mentioning it to everyone during the introductions was real subtle. No chance I can deny knowing her now.

4:45 PM: The fun begins! 10 wall balls in for Ciera and I’m already mid eye-roll knowing shes about to stop and leave me with the last 40 reps…

4:46 PM: Huh? Is she feeling alright? 25 wall balls, in a row, no complaining… This could work!

4:48 PM: Miss spin instructors first roll on Satan’s workout machine: the Assault Bike. 10 cals in: Ciera: “my quads!”

4:52 PM: Onto the burpees. 5 in, Ciera smiling. 10 in, no discernable emotion. 15 in, slight anger. 20 in, death glare.

4:54 PM: Resting    Justin: “Not bad C, lets fly through this last set”    Ciera: *Heavy breathing

Justin: “You killed it on the wall balls though, let’s do sets of 25 on those again”

Ciera: *Heavy breathing

Justin: “Cool, onto the burpees again, let’s try and go unbroken this time”

Ciera: *Heavy breathing followed by incoherent mumbling

5:01 PM: Back to the Assault Bike.

5:02 PM: Still on Assault Bike.

5:03 PM: Justin: “How many more calories”    Ciera: “I’m stopping at 15, you do the rest”    Justin: “No”    We compromise by Ciera stopping at 15 calories and Justin doing the rest.

5:04 PM: Last set of wall balls before freedom.     Justin: “C’mon C, you got 25 in you!”     Ciera: *Possible middle finger flash     Justin: “Mom would be so proud”

5:05 PM: 25 wall balls from Ciera, 25 from Justin, workout over

5:07 PM: Justin: “Nice workout C, how was it?”

Ciera: “Justin, you are my idol and my inspiration. I think about you and the lessons you have bestowed upon me every morning and every night, and strive to be like you. I know I may only be able to be 1/4 of the person that you are, but that would still be good enough. Thank you for blessing me with your presence during this workout, I didn’t think that I could ever do something like this until you gave me this push”

Justin: “K. You want a FitAid?”

All jokes aside, I couldn’t be more proud of my little sis and her (somewhat recent) dedication to fitness. I still laugh about the the old days where I’d see her at the gym and know that she must be going to the lake shortly after, as if the one workout an hour before would somehow be a magic pill to get her to where she wants to be. She’s been killing it lately and soon might even earn her way onto the Farley Fitness Wall of Fame.  Keep checking out The Devil Wear’s Rompers for more posts from Ciera and the (slightly more) occasional (than previously planned) guest post from her inspiration in all things fashion and fitness: me!

So there ya have it folks.. CrossFit Ciera at her finest. Probs won’t go back, but never say neverrrrr. Happy weekend!

Xo, Ciera

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