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Hi pals,

Happy times back on the blog, and what a pleasure it is to have you all joining me for yet another week. If you were previously unaware, I still have absolutely no idea how to work this here blog you’re reading, but I hope you are enjoying the new updates that are functioning correctly. It is so much easier to shop with the linked images and it looks supes professional like I kinda sorta know what I am doing.

But today’s blogpost is a wee bit different that normal, because I am going to give you a little life update, and then tell you what you should wear, because I am bossy like that. My mom always tried to break my bossy streak, but I just can’t go a day without throwing out my unwarranted opinion. 🙂

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Life update first.. I am officially a neuroscience major! I really have no idea if any of you actually care, but it felt like something to announce. I have also declared my substance abuse and Spanish minor, so I am a woman with kinda a plan, but really also I have no idea what I am doing. K, life update over.

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Now that spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, I feel that it is my civic duty to tell you all that there are other outfits that can be worn besides jeans and a t-shirt (I’m lookin at you, Brittany). But really, the best part about the warm months is all of the cute things you can wear, from skirts to dresses to shorts to rompers and of course overalls.

Shop my look here:

Overalls are such a fun twist on the classic jean look. And I know the first thought that pops into your head is some overall-wearing gal, moving hay on the farm.. but I am here to tell you that if worn correctly they are so much cuter than that. We must all remember just how to size and style our overalls though.. Too short/small and that bad boy is giving you a front and back wedgie (if you know what I mean), too big/long and you have channeled your inner local 90’s artist just a bit too much.. but just right and your overalls are cute and comfy. I also love an overall with a fun sleeve underneath or a cool print to balance out the denim. I just really need you all to promise you won’t wear a flannel underneath your overalls, or else I will know you didn’t read this post in its entirety. Shoe choice is also important because cowboy boots are obviously off limits, and mules, sandals or wedges look so much better to elongate the leg than tennies do. Here’s some more overall options if ya don’t wanna match me.

So moral of the story is overalls can come in many different forms: skirts, shorts, pants, corduroy, striped, denim, and probably a bunch of other ways but ain’t nobody got time for that. The best part about overalls too is unlike when wearing a romper, you won’t be naked in the restroom because you’ve still got a top on under that onesie.. But I am going to save you the 15 minute bathroom escapade now and let you know that wearing a bodysuit and overalls is in no way a good idea. K byeeeee.

Xo, Ciera

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  1. I think ‘Xo, Ciera’ is a great name for a bizness or should be your trademark! (Maybe it is). Also love the Gemma Mule in leather.

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