The Ging is back!

Hey hey hey,

Today is a very fantastic day because my favorite ginger is back, still soul-less just as all gingers are.. but she’s here (I know gingers have souls.. it’s a joke, guys). And Hanna was so very kind to be the guinea pig during my Sephora sale rampage. I am not kidding, I left that store feeling like I had just blacked out and legit had no idea what just happened. So $400 later and here we are now. 🙂 But the good news is that Hanny Boo Boo got some new makeup somewhere in that excessive purchase, and she let me use her face to test some stuff out.

Now obviously since Hanna has red hair, she has to have pale skin and freckles.. Hey, I don’t make the rules, genetics does. But on top of that Hanna has super sensitive skin and occasionally the little devils that we call breakouts. And with that in mind, we set out for some new makeup. So ya know, after seeking out the blue eyeshadowed man in Sephora, we decided he would be our helper for the trip (Blue eyeshadow man, if you are reading this, please teach me your ways).

So we may make fun of Justin for being color blind, but Hanna did admit that the hardest part about makeup for her was picking the right shade. And as much as she wants to be a bronze goddess, genetics also decided to not give her enough melanin to make that possible.. But the moral of this part of the story is don’t be afraid to ask the sales associates to help you color match or find the best makeup, that is what they are there for.

And now for the rest of the story.. Blue eyeshadow man, we will call him Sassy Pants for now, got Hanna a primer with salicylic acid to ease breakouts, some concealer that could cover up pesky zitaroos, a liquid foundation that nicely blended in and didn’t cover up her freckles, and a mineral veil to help set and matte-ify her makeup. Along with a lighter bronzer and new highlighter, you could say Hanny was at supermodel status.

Of course we know that the right makeup is only half the battle (or at least ya know now), so I painted Hanna’s face for a little while and told her some of my tips and tricks to makeup application.. Now don’t quote me on any of these, because I literally don’t even know how to put on eyeliner still and I have no idea where bronzer technically goes, but I tried my best (and I would like to let all of those concerned readers out there know that I now know how to do my mascara without putting it all over my eyelids, HOORAY!!!)


Fun fact about Hanna, she is apparently in the 1% of people that have red hair and green eyes. Even more fun fact about Hanne: she seems to bring this point up whenever you throw a little sass her way. I have never really fact-checked her, but don’t be mean to the 1% I guess.

Back to my topic though, here are my 3 tips and tricks for makeup application:

  1. Get your blender/makeup sponge damp before you use it. And I said DAMP people, try to avoid it looking like your pants after you get thrown into a pool fully clothed.
  2. Spritz a little rose spray or cucumber or something on your face before you put anything on to hydrate and refresh your skin.
  3. Use a fan brush to apply highlighter to get a soft glow, because blinding people with your glow is only good until a certain point.

And here is everything on Hanna’s face, all linked and ready for ya!

Now that Hanna is all prettied up and I am broke following that beauty sale, it is safe to say I need to take a leave of absence from Sephora for a couple weeks.. but I promise I will be back, my love. But for real, thanks to the red-headed lady that my brother lives with for being a willing participant on the blog. Love you lots punkin face.

Xo, Ciera


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