Escape: What it is and what it ain’t

Hey what’s up hello,

It’s me, Ciera Lynn Farley ready to rock and roll!!! Hopefully you are too because I am about to hit you with a knowledge bomb.. so much knowledge coming your way you will be an expert. That’s probably a little dramatic tbh, and if you are not a Reno local or have no intentions of coming to Reno, then you really do not need to read on.. Unless you’re really supportive and just like reading, then keep on keepin on!

But today I have decided to set the record straight on just what Escape really is. You would be baffled by the incorrect guesses I hear when people pass by Escape, and I would like to say for the 6752163562639th time, Escape is not an Escape room, nor will it ever be one. The dark, daunting room in the back corner of the Basement with the cool lights is not a fight club (yupp, someone asked that), a stairway to the floor below the basement (???? like the basement is literally the lowest you can go?), nor is it a gym that you can just come in hit bags by yourself whenever you feel (anger issues you should probably discuss with a therapist).

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And look at my cute new headshots by Alfyn Photography. 🙂

Escape is indeed a sensory experience fueled workout establishment.. say that 10 times fast. But really, blacklights give the gym a super fun and intense vibe that I can guarantee you won’t find anywhere else. Then on top of the visual aspect, we bump that music.. like ears bleeding when you leave (k, not that loud but we like to jam). Workouts are not a walk in the park and actually require some effort that only some are willing to put in. You will even get a cold towel when it’s all said and done to cool off and take in the pretty lavender smells.

A lot of people ask me what classes are like and what we do, so I am going to do my best to summarize the types of classes we have..

Spinning: It’s a bike that goes nowhere. Seems pretty innocent, and definitely underestimated because your legs will literally be burning by the time you’re done. We take you through hills, sprints, jumps, climbs, speed drills and tons of other things to get you a full body workout you can feel happy about. An added bonus but definitely just the icing on the cake, we play the music videos so you have something to take your mind off of the pain you are putting yourself through (in the best way of course)

Boxing: Whether I teach it or take it, I leave boxing feeling like a major badass. Take all of that pent up aggression and channel it into the hard hitting workout at hand. Escape is full-on classic boxing so keep your feet on the floor, people. We incorporate cardio and other body movements to keep it fresh and help you get the best workout possible.

Gainzzzz: So it is actually called ‘Gainz Train’ on the app, but this class is an all around workout with an emphasis on the arms and upper body. We use weights, bands, and body weight to tone up those arms and finally get some muscle on those noodles!

No Gutz No Glory: The pattern goes spinning, HIIT, spinning, and I can guarantee you will be dying by the very end of it. Raise your heart rate and feel the leg burn, then move out to the boxing room for a quick HIIT workout and some toning ab exercises, then right back to spinning you go to finish out the fat burnnnnnn.

Sweat Scuplt Burn: Heated Pilates will get that sweat goin, I promise. Combining the heat with body weight and light weight exercises leads to the toned bod you’ve always wanted. You get time to work and a little rest to focus on your breathing and activate the core.

Booty work: Escape has both Booty Bootcamp and Booty spin, and I am telling you now, if you are trying to build your butt, try this class out asap. High weight, low reps help you build the muscle that makes your butt bigger, and low weight, high reps tone it up to give you the round peach you know you want. Expect squats, deadlifts, hovering on the bike, and banded kickbacks.. they’re the norm.

So ya know, I am pretty qualified to give out this info and I hope this answers any questions you have had about that ‘one dark workout place’ you always hear about but never knew what it was. Also, come on by and see us, try out a class.. I promise it will be the best workout of your life.

Xo, Ciera

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