Your number 1, two, and tres pieces this summer

Hi guys,

Happy Tuesday dear friends. A little update/change for all of you lovely readers right here, right now so listen up! Weekly posts will now be coming at you live MONDAY | Wednesday | Thursday! The only change is the normal post from Tuesdays now being on Mondays instead because you guys decided to not love me as much on Tuesdays (I NEED LOVE AND ATTENTION PEOPLE.. just kidding, kinda). But really it is just kinda sorta a social experiment to see how Monday posts perform. K, updating is over now.

This post seems a little preemptive since it is still freakin raining and being cold in Reno, and sucking a lot overall tbh.. but today’s post is about the three pieces I think you absolutely must have in your closet this summer. Like your summer will probably be incomplete without these bad boys, and I want you to enjoy the warm weather and look pretty dang cute too. One of them is even on sale until the 7th so you better be speedy quick, punks (extra feisty today, so sorry)!

Photo Apr 18, 2 58 09 PMPhoto Apr 18, 3 00 06 PMPhoto Apr 18, 2 58 00 PM

NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST IS LEGIT THE CUTEST THING I THINK I HAVE IN MY CLOSET AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND IT IS SO CUTE I COULD DIE. The run-on sentence was necessary for me to show my true feelings about the denim jacket sent straight from the heavens above. Mine is currently 30% off right now.. no joke!!!! A denim jacket is the perfect accessory for colder summer nights with some shorts or even throw it over a dress to look like you didn’t try too hard (even though you spent 6 hours getting ready). I am for real not kidding and if you have ever decided to not take my advice before (why would you do that?), this is not the time to do it again, because you really need this specific jean jacket. Like I would give up my (future) first born for this jacket, but I also linked some other cutie pies if you like the others better.

Photo Apr 18, 2 58 24 PM

Number two is the need for some white in your life. That sounded weirder than I intended, but no hitting that backspace now. White is by far the best color to enhance your tan and give you the best summer glow, so of course along with your white attire, you will be needing a good bronze and some glowing skin. My adorable busted skinnies and tank are super cute as it gets warmer, because they are the perfect combo of sassy and casual. White is the bomb for a cute sundress or if you could get some white pants.. oooo girl, that’d be real cute paired with some nude wedges and an off the shoulder top. I’m drooling even thinking about it, so get to shopping! I did some of the leg work for you and linked some white items that are totes adorbs.

Photo Apr 18, 2 55 34 PM

And numbero tres would be a cute pair of brown/nude heels or wedges. The thing that makes these so cute is being able to walk in them, so if you can’t make it three feet without baby deer legs causing you turmoil, try out a kitten heel.. but if you can walk for days in any sort of heel, go big or go home girlfriend! A brown or nude heel goes perfect with any summer outfit and can definitely take your outfit from midday barbeque to lookin like a snack during those summer nights. 😉 the color and style completely elongate your leg and make those hams look supes slender. So here ya go, here are some of my other favorites for the upcoming season too!

Photo Apr 18, 3 00 53 PM

Hopefully you take my advice for the most stylish summer you have ever had.. EVERRRRRRRR. Also let us all pray to the warm weather gods that we can finally get some warmth and be able to show off the warm weather clothing we have now spent a small fortune on! TTYLXOX

Xo, Ciera

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