El Cinco de Drinkooooo

Hola amigos!

Feliz Wednesday to you. I do indeed know how to say Wednesday in Spanish, but I didn’t feel like enabling the accents on my keyboard, so you get some splanglish today.. lo siento (sorry). I swear I will stop talking in Spanish today so you don’t have to put this whole thing in Google Translate because that would be reallyyyyyyy annoying. But the Spanish is for a reason because this Saturday is CINCO DE MAYO. Yes people the 5th of May is finally here. Although it was originally intended as a day to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the French Empire, we Americans have now made it a day for consuming too much chips, guac, and margaritas for any normal person!

Now for a non-drinking, baby-face like me, Cinco de Mayo is more of a celebration of cute clothes and an excess of chips and salsa. But I am sure for some of you party people, tequila is interchangeable with water on this fine day. Whether you’re eating or drinking your calories this weekend, having cute clothes is of the utmost importance. Now I am a top notch bartender and can make you up a mean margarita (the way my momma taught me), but the only way I am assisting you for this holiday is with the best fashion you could get wild in. So for today’s favorite things I have got the spiciest pieces to celebrate the day of Hispanic flair!

So I wish you the happiest Cinco de Drinko and Eat-o. ๐Ÿ™‚

Xo, Ciera

2 thoughts on “El Cinco de Drinkooooo

  1. Your momma does make a mean margarita. Love the fashion suggestions, esp. the Soludos. But the best was the cover pic!

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