We’ve got to work this outttttt

What’s up boo thangssss,

So exciting to see your shining face here once again.. I can’t actually see your face as you are reading this, but I am sure it is full of joy and happiness just as it should be, because I am funny, dammit. It is always such a great relationship when it is based off of forcing people to laugh at your jokes, so that’s how I know you all and little ol me are the best of friends. In other news, High School Musical 3 is now on Netflix so we can all live an immensely wonderful life from now until the end of time.

Sorry sorry, a lot of jibber jabber about random nonsense, but it is kinda what I do best.. that and drink a lot more slurpees (see featured photo) than is acceptable. There is a point to today’s post though because I have a speedy quick full body HIIT workout for you to do next time you’ve got less than 8 minutes to spare. It really is that fast.. like in the same time you complete this workout you could make three cups of Top Ramen or listen to ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ 2.4 times.. yupp I did the math. But instead of doing those, just do the workout.. better payoff if ya ask me.

Also please admire, bow down and love forever my ombre sunset Gymshark set because it is super freakin cute. It is all sold out right now, but if there is indeed a restock I will let you crazy kids know. 🙂

The workout is 4 moves, which you will do for 30 seconds each back to back and then rest one minute. Repeat the superset twice more and you have now burned some calories, and toned up your arms, abs, and legs.

First is the climbers to outward oblique crunch. Start with 4 quick climbers, keeping your butt and lower abs tucked. Then keep your core tight and raise the leg outward SLOWLY AND CONTROLLED for the outward oblique crunch. Pull your bellybutton to your spine the whole time!!!

Next is some jump-switch lunges. Start in a lunge on one leg, push through your glute all the way up, switch your legs, and come back down into the opposite leg lunge! Keep your abs tight and don’t hit your knees on the ground, just a nice little tap.

Here we have got some plank walks to a push up. Start in a pushup plank position and move your hands and legs to one side and then pushup, then go back to where you were and do it over again. If you need to modify go to your knees for the pushup.

And last but not least we have got some burpees, which never really get any less sucky if you ask me.. but we must do them, I suppose. All it really is is down to the ground, jump (or step) your feet back, chest to the floor, jump (or step) your feet back in and then jump up! And then hate your life because burpees make everything jiggle and they’re the worst.

So remember, do all 4 exercises 30 seconds each with no rest, and then rest one minute once you complete all 4.. do this 3 times and you are set. I will be updating the pups up for adoption tomorrow (since I have been slacking), and probably watching High School Musical 3 again, so I will talk to ya next week. 🙂

Xo, Ciera


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