You mean to tell me that summer may actually be real?

Hey friends,

Happy Monday! Best part about this new blogpost schedule is you can now start your week off the right way.. with a bit of The Devil Wears Rompers, and a whole lotta me. 🙂 I know for a fact you all ponder what would make Mondays better, and I can guarantee you that this is indeed the solution. Before I begin, go check out the cute pups I updated the blog with, because although I was previously sucking at updating those, I am sucking a little less now (and the dogs are real cute). And now let us all give a warm welcome to the new guy in town… WARM WEATHER. I am knocking on wood repeatedly while typing this, but I am thanking the heavens above for finally bringing us warmth. Reno decided to give a big ol middle finger to spring and not even let the season have its moment, but I can’t really say I am complaining.

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So even though we are passing spring right over, I decided I would be doing some spring cleaning this week.. And I would like to give you a couple of pointers on how to clear out your closet to make room for cute summer-y stuff. And then after you throw all of our crap out, I will give you some darling (who am I? The Queen of England?) picks to fill your closet back up with. 🙂 So here are my tips and tricks to effectively clearing out your old wardrobe:

  1. Do NOT get attached – people ask me all of the time how I get rid of so many clothes so often, and the answer is simple.. do not get attached. At the end of the day they really are just clothes, and I know some ratty old sweatshirts or comfy jeans have sentimental value, but they can be replaced.. most likely by something you want more.
  2. If it doesn’t fit now, don’t hold onto it for 6 months from now – winter is a rough time for everyone, I am not blaming you for indulging, but if a pair of jeans doesn’t fit you now, you should NOT be keeping them. I do believe in maybe one pair of pants or a dress as a ‘motivation’ piece to eventually fit back into, but having a closet full of stuff you can wear 6 months from now when you’re skinnier or thicker means you have nothing you will actually wear or feel comfortable in now.
  3. More than one season with no wear, out it goes – let’s say you bought a sweater two winters ago and haven’t worn it since.. I can guarantee you won’t be wearing it in this summer heat, so it is time to let it go. Any item that has been in your closet for an additional intended season without being worn needs to be set free. This one is hard for people to understand, but I mean if you bought it two winters ago and left it untouched this last winter as well.. say bye bye honey.
  4. That one article of clothing you have tried 638768463286 different ways and it still doesn’t look right needs to leave – I know as well as the next person that sometimes we buy things that we want to look good so badly that we force outfits or keep it in our closet as wishful thinking.. But I am here to tell you that it needs to go, it is doing no one any good just sitting in your closet.
  5. Sunk cost fallacy – now if you are a business-y person you may know what this is, but it is pretty much explained as a cost that has already been incurred and cannot be recovered. This rule is for those that say “I can’t get rid of that, I spent $50 on it and only wore it once.” but the thing is that you have already spent the money and worn it, so your money and one wear in that dress is not able to be recovered, but by keeping it and not wearing it you are instead incurring more lost cost that you could potentially be gaining back by selling or trading for something you may wear more instead. (that was a whole lotta smart talk, so to simplify.. get rid of it)

I could probably go on and on all about how to do spring cleaning the right way, but I didn’t wanna bore you with too many details. And now that the boring part is over, let’s find you some cute, new, warm-weather wear to fill that closet back up to the brim with!

I hope that was kinda sorta helpful and that your eyes didn’t glaze over! I am just being a nice, helpful lady! Until Wednesday pretties.

Xo, Ciera

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