In my heart, in my bag, almost in my hands

Hi hi friends,

I am so sorry I suck so so much and have been MIA for like almost a week. My body told me it hated me the past couple of days and decided that a few naps were more necessary than blog posts, so to sleep I went! But the best part about it is, it’s my world, you’re just livin in it (that’s how Brittany would put it anyway), and it’s my blog, you’re just reading it. 🙂

Today though, a wonderful Tuesday just as all Tuesdays are, I am back and ready to get down to business. School is over for me for 5 days and then summer classes start, so I am going to try to bust out as much as humanly possible for z blog so we can keep it rollin! Also if anyone was wondering ya girl got a 3.7 this semester, so my first plan of action will be going to Chuckee Cheese to get my free tokens and Limited Too for my discount, because they better still honor that for 3rd year college students.. I think it is discrimination if not!

Photo Apr 30, 4 57 41 PMPhoto Apr 30, 4 54 47 PMPhoto Apr 30, 4 55 36 PM

Anywayyyyyy my favorite ginger is saying bye bye to college and hello to adulthood, so we are celebrating with a trip to Scottsdale at the end of this month. If I am being honest I hate the Arizona heat more than I hate sparkly Uggs, and that is quite a bit. Maybe it’s due to the fact that my mom made me walk heinously far distances in the stifling heat last time we were there, or the fact that the pools feel heated just from the normal sun.. but either way the moral of this is that I need some cute swimsuits, shorts, skirts, dresses, tops, bags, and shoes to get me through the trip and keep me cool. Probably would have just been easier to say wardrobe instead of typing out every item but I have made my stylistic choice and I am sticking with it.

Photo Apr 30, 4 55 56 PMPhoto Apr 30, 4 59 56 PM

Photos by Ashlyn Lee

And when I say clothes to keep me cool I am not referring to perforated hiking pants or sweat-wicking tee shirts, so don’t even think about it. I am more of a fan of flowy dresses that don’t require a bra (like the one above) and some cute wedges to tone up the calves.  Now the thing is that I am broke.. no signs of money around here, so I have to be very selective when buying my vacation outfits.. it’s so dang hard to choose though. But to make this easier on us all, and hopefully help you shop for any upcoming trips you all have, I am going to show you what’s in my bag!

I’m only a littleeeeeeeeeeeeee (or a lot) dramatic when it comes to the desert sun, but the best part is that Scottsdale is home to my favorite mall of all time, so I can sneak into its air-conditioned safety and shop shop shop! Hopefully this guide helps you find everything you need for your summer vacays, and when I get back I can do a haul of my purchases. 🙂

Xo, Ciera


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