It’s a favorites kind of day

Howdy partners,

Not super sure why I started out with that intro but I will not be taking it back now. Today does not have any sort of western theme, but the greeting felt right. I hope everyone’s Wednesday is going well, and hopefully someone out there has nicer weather than I am experiencing right now. The storms are out of control, and although I am a fan of summer rain, this weather does not make for good/easy to take blog pics.

But anywayyyy you all probably don’t care too much about my sob story, and instead came here to read about some of my favorites, or maybe you just came here to see pictures of my shining face.. you don’t have to tell me! Buuuuttt today’s favorite things are real real good, let me tell ya.

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Photos by Ashyln Lee

First on the list is POLKA DOTS! They are the pattern of the season and will most definitely be carrying into summer as well. They are super cute and fun to mix n’ match with other patterns and colors. 🙂 And like uber cute in this set form from Nomad Boutique. (Here are some other cute polka dot numbers also. :))

And the other two favorites are the holy grail of all hair products. Number 1 is the dry shampoos of all dry shampoos by IGK. There are three levels of this brand of dry shampoos, and this particular one is the highest level and I swear to you that it covers up 4th day oily hair like it’s nothing. I don’t even know how it does it, but it’s magic. And then next is the Ouai texturizing spray. As a girl who has flat and straight hair naturally, I need all of the help I can get and this spray does just that. It gives ya that volume you need to take on your day and be the hot, sassy mama you are. 🙂

So dear friends I hope your Wednesday is extra fantastic and you have some sunshine on this rainy day. 🙂

Xo, Ciera


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