Oppan ‘Gingham’ Style

Hey there,

Welcome back! It’s Wednesday in case you were wondering which means we are halfway through this long week. Is it just me or do the 4 days following a three-day weekend always feel longer than a 5-day week?? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me, and I really don’t know what I am talking about most of the time. Also if you read the title of this post and didn’t understand the pun, please take the travel back in time to 2012 and watch “Gangnam Style” a few hundred times, and then come back and tell me how funny I am.. trust me, I am.

I really wondered why I decided to make my ‘favorites day’ on a Wednesday, because when I think about it.. no one likes Wednesday and it is most definitely not my favorite day. But maybe at the beginning of these posts I thought to myself, the people need these posts on Wednesday and who am I to deprive them of such happiness and glory even on one of the most non-exciting days of the week?! I really have no idea if I thought any of this, just trying to paint a picture ya know. But now that you have this picture in your head, I am here to grace your feed, eyeballs, and life with my FAVORITESSSS!!!!!!

First off we have got another pattern of the season, which is gingham (hence the post title). Oddly enough this pattern kinda resembles a picnic tablecloth, but at the same time I kinda dig it. Like ya know how people say you look like a snack?? Imagine looking like a whole damn picnic?! What an honor!!

Photos by Ashlyn Lee

Gingham Dress: Mailey Rose

Number two goes to the unsung hero of my makeup routine. This primer is by far the best thing to ever touch my face since glitter eyeliner in ’09.. but really this stuff is ahhhmazing. I just happened to be in Ulta during their days of beauty sale and saw this Becca primer staring right at me, so I decided to give it a go. It gives you the perfect amount of glow and helps your makeup go on real smooth-like.. kinda like butta.

And third of all, the eyeliner for the record books. The Stila waterproof microtip eyeliner is the bomb diggity. It has the best tip like in the history of ever and makes putting on eyeliner decently easy.. I still don’t know how to properly apply it, so if someone could teach me how to do that maybe you could go on the favorites post next week?? But really this stuff is real real good.

So I hope you enjoyed my favorites and hold them near and dear forever.. or maybe you will forget about them the second you exit out.. who knows!

Xo, Ciera


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