I am officially an old woman

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Happy Monday and happy June 25th. No better day than a Monday to celebrate a 21st birthday, but here I am.. doin the damn thing. On this day 21 years ago I made my appearance in the world and finally escaped my mother’s body (too graphic? who knows) Thanks mom for giving birth to me and to you father, for dealing with mom the nine months leading up to my birth. 😉

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Since today is such a momentous occasion and I will hopefully be getting my drink on (or mostly sushi eating) later tonight, I decided that today’s post could be a random fact day! So as a gift to you, here are 21 random facts about me for the big 21.

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  1. I hate ketchup.. well kinda. I can eat it on a burger alongside some mustard (heaps of mustard to be exact) but the thought of dipping French fries in it or something makes me cringe.
  2. I am terrible at geography. Like where is Missouri?? I have no idea????
  3. My favorite movie is How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – Just the thought of the Princess Sofia & Crawl the warrior king part kills me. (If you haven’t watched it, please do yourself a favor and watch it ASAP)
  4. I could fall asleep anywhere, anytime. The tile floor is comfier than you would think.
  5. If you touch my neck I will get automatic chills. I don’t know what it is, I just absolutely hate my neck being touched, like so so much.
  6. I chew gum for way longer than anyone should. It drives my family (and mostly Brittany) crazy that I will keep a piece of gum in for hours. Fun fact, if you make it past the hard part.. gum becomes soft again. 😉
  7. One time I got my whole face painted as a ladybug. My mom suggested a small one on my cheek but no, I needed the whole thing, so I ended up with a fully red face with a few black dots. I looked like the angry dude from the Fantastic 4. I wish I had the pictures to show.
  8. I can’t touch chalk without immediately getting chills either. That may be the cringiest thing I could ever touch. Oh my gosh and you know those tape-roll gum things that you get from the candy store.. don’t even get me started . I am getting chills even thinking about it.
  9. I also suck at estimating. If there are 10 people in a room and you ask me to estimate I will guess somewhere between 2 and 100.
  10. I don’t like steak. I can eat a burger everyday of the week, but steak is just not the business.
  11. I have an extra bone in both of my feet.. makes me a freak of nature. 😉 Kinda like I am an exotic animal or something right?
  12. I used to think I was going to go pro with my singing and asked for a karaoke machine like every Christmas to replace my prior one. Luckily one day as I was singing in my room Justin came in and asked “What is dying in here?” and that’s when I knew my singing career was over.
  13. I ugly cried (like to the point of screaming hyperventilation) when I watched Eight Below. Dear God why was I forced to watch the seal attack a dog?? I think I am still scarred.
  14. I love me some Dill Pickle sunflower seeds. Any good road trip is incomplete without some Spitz and an excess amount of sodium.. Brings me back to my softball days when I used to get them stuck in my face mask while spitting them out at second.
  15. I actually enjoy math. Weird, I know.. but I could literally solve Algebra 2 equations for fun and probably spend a whole day doing some calculus. Now that I can do it by choice it sounds so much more appealing than it did in high school.
  16. I played with Bratz instead of Barbies and according to Twitter that means I am a weird girl.. but I think I am better off because of it.
  17. You could not pay me to eat the nacho cheese that comes with pretzels or is on fake nachos (that’s probably false, if I am hungry enough I would eat them.. just not willingly). But give me some real nachos with melted pepper jack and extra jalapeños and we are in business.
  18. I thought I was the coolest chick in town in 3rd grade because I used to wear my Juicy sweatpants and pink Uggs.. until I ruined my Uggs while geocaching (my priorities were just not in check at that time ;))
  19. I had a bounce house at my 16th birthday party and do not regret it for a minute. It was like 1663826 degrees in that thing, but real fun.
  20. My biggest regret in life is naming Bella after Bella Marie Swan from Twilight.. like could I be more embarrassing? Probably not.
  21. And last but not least.. the absolute best part about my birthday is that it is exactly HALFWAY TO CHRISTMAS. My day of birth means that we only have 6 months to wait until my favorite holiday of all!!

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Wow, those were harder to come up with than I thought. I guess I don’t know myself as well as I expected! Thanks so much for reading, I love you all! <3

Xo, Ciera

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