Almost as bright as the sun in the sky

Hi my sweetie pies,

Today has been a day of being told I have to be the boy every time I play princesses and that I can’t open my eyes during Dead Man on the trampoline (so many rules).. as if I like being Prince Eric for the 10th time or enjoy each game ending with me falling through the net and off of the trampoline. šŸ™‚ But as I am told everyday, the sun is shining and it’s warm out, so we HAVE to play.

The children are not wrong though because the sun is out and shining, meaning that it is a beautiful day to embrace the sunshine.. with lots of SPF to be exact. As I sit here writing this I am wearing my best pastel top and basic light denim shorts, but I am wishing I was decked out in some bright neon and cute colors. I am just as much of a basic b*tch as the next gal, but it is time to take our summer wardrobe from white sundresses to neon pink midis. You will thank me later. šŸ™‚

Photo Jun 04, 3 18 55 PMPhoto Jun 04, 3 20 51 PMPhoto Jun 04, 3 22 20 PMI am the first to admit that looking in my closet would reveal far too many white tops, a fair share of gray and black, and a couple colors sprinkled here and there.. but I have decided that at least for the rest of the summer I am going to be a damn sunshine of brightness, a rainbow of color, and lots of other cheesy phrases about color. And you are going to do the same.. please and thanks.

Photo Jun 04, 3 13 59 PM

Photo Jun 04, 3 21 16 PMPhoto Jun 04, 3 15 12 PM

Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

And since I am concerned that some of you may take this neon trend just a little too far into the realm of 7th grade and look like me at the Ke$ha concert.. I am including some of my bright and fun favorites here. These cuties are also waiting patiently in my cart until one of you decides to send me $100000.. I’ll wait.

If ya ask me, this little lookbook was veryyyyy visually appealing, so I would say I am a fan! Now that you have some cute stuff in your sights try not to be basic and wear a damn color once in awhile (I mean this ever so kindly). K ily.

Xo, Ciera


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