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Happy 5th of July dear friends! I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday and partied it up for the sake of America. I am so very sorry I didn’t get a post up yesterday.. I just didn’t know if people would even be coherent enough to read yesterday so I decided to save today’s post for a day of crippling hangovers and daunting sobriety. 

No major casualties on the home front for me, but that is only because I am gearing up for the big ol 21st birthday extravaganza coming this weekend. And if you ever thought that you spent your 21st birthday the right way, I want to tell you that you are wrong.. only because it will be getting HOT IN HEREEEE when I am partying it up with Nelly.. and my grandma. Is it weird that I don’t know which one I am more excited for?? Big Mama Farley can really get down, and she has even threatened to wear my red thigh-highs to the club, so look out world, here she comes!

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Anywhooooo today is a Wednesday (I know it’s Thursday) in Ciera’s blogging world, so it is a FAVORITE DAY!!! This post is brought to you by the unnecessary trips I take to Sephora and Ulta every week. I really will never wrap my head around the fact that my whole bag weighs less than 10 ounces but somehow still costs me $95??? Like how? What did I do to deserve such misfortune?? Like the other day I walked up to the counter at Sephora with three things that could all comfortably fit in the palm of one of my hands and the cashier has the audacity to say, “Your total is $115, that’s a good deal!” Umm how? So confusion aside, the moral of the story is that beauty is not pain.. it’s expensive. Since I love you all though, I sacrifice myself to the treachery of expensive beauty care so I can help you know where to throw your money at.. and this post is muy importante, so better late than never if you ask me.  So here we go with my favorites for the week. 🙂

  1. The most perfect-est lash primer known to the world and heavens above. This Lancôme lash primer gives you the spider-y-est lashes in the best way possible. I had seen another blogger rave about it, and in my poor financial decision phase the other day, I had to have it.. and I do no regret it one bit. (It doesn’t flake or make your eyelashes clump)
  2. This one is gonna throw you for a loop, I am sure of it.. but the IGK Dirty Spray is everything I have been looking for. So ya know how based off of the constructs of society we must wash our hair like once a week? And then for some reason the hair gods punish us for this behavior by leaving clean hair looking flat and lifeless? Well the dirty spray is pretty much the opposite of a dry shampoo and 20 times the power of texturizing spray. It gives your hair some grit and texture to hold some curl and avoid it sticking flat to your head. It is truly amazing. 
  3. LOVING TAN tanning mousse is where it’s at yo. I have tried a lot of different self tanners, as my mumsy and I are on a never-ending hunt to find the best one, and let me tell ya.. I think I have found it. Loving Tan 2 hour express in the Dark shade leaves me as bronzed as a goddess and as browned as a biscuit. It is the perfect shade, super quick application and development, and it doesn’t sweat off. Whoop Whoop!

So if you were wondering what to do with your excess money, get yourself a couple of these products and be so so happy with your life. And tomorrow I promise to have the cute workout gear post up. 🙂

Xo, Ciera 




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