A bandana makes you cool right?

Hiya cool cats,

Happy happy Tuesday boo boo pies. I have spent the weekend recovering from a lack of sleep and excess amount of Nelly. Surprisingly enough the man actually rapped for more than 5 minutes.. although I am still salty I didn’t get a picture because my shoes were off (excuse me dear security guard, the blisters on my feet are not worth a blurry picture) But now that I am fully recovered and decently well-rested, I am bringing you a post all about the accessory of the gosh dang season/year/life.

Photo Jun 04, 2 39 30 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 42 54 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 43 49 PM

Now normally a bandana is relegated to the gangs, cowboys, and classier French people wearing them in a slightly ironic way, but here I am, telling you that bandanas are for the people.. and you are indeed the people. Pretty much the takeaway you should get from this is that a bandana can instantly take any outfit from drab to totally and completely kinda gangster kinda cute. The best way to look like a stylish gal is to channel your best Tupac and hit the streets feelin like a bad b*tch. Somehow, someway, you will instantly feel 10x cooler once you put the bandana on.

Photo Jun 04, 2 46 49 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 49 20 PMPhoto Jun 04, 2 44 10 PM

Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

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You can wear a bandana in your hair, around your neck, tied around a purse handle, and even as a belt.. but once again people, NEVER as a shirt. Say it with me altogether.. I, (insert name here) promise to never wear a bandana as a shirt (the literal square bandana tied around your tatas) or I will forfeit the opportunity to ever read this lovely blog again and be graced by Ciera’s knowledge. 😉 I kid I kid.. but only about the oath part.. this isn’t a cult, I promise. Okay now enough with the chatty chatting and here we go with the linking I do all the time and the shopping you will hopefully start doing more of in support of me. 🙂

Alsoooooo I will have a HUGE roundup of the early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale coming super duper early in Thursday morning, so stay tuned. Like so so many things will be on this blog for you to buy.. if and only if you have a Nordstrom card, so get to it! It’s been real peeps.

Xo, Ciera



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