Early bird gets the worm.. but that just ain’t you

Hi beautiful people,

As I type this I am currently struggling with my sassy nails I got put on yesterday, but I am trying my best. I’m just not used to the claws quite yet so typos are at an all time high around here.. that’s what the backspace button is for though, right? Welp anywhoooo such a wonderful Tuesday and another day that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale continues to run strong.

Now if you haven’t shopped it yet, what exactly are you doing with your life? Living it incorrectly, that’s what. 🙂 But really it is still trucking right along and you should jump on the #Nsale train and buy yourself something good. There is indeed bad news though regarding the sale because the good stuff only lasts so long.. and of course my top picks are long gone.

I got my big shipment (and by big I mean a legit 25 pound box..) yesterday, and after 45 minutes of trying on, debating, and sweating profusely, I finally decided what I was keeping and what was headed back. I still have a ‘maybe’ pile tbh but making a decision is difficult.. commitment is hard. But with that being said I was planning to write a blogpost all about my faves that you should snag before they are gone… and then I looked online at Nordstrom and most all of them are sold out.

So ya know, that kinda shot my plan down, but then I decided I would do a blogpost all about similar items to those that have sold out in the sale. Sometimes you just can’t get those few things out of your head, and it is almost painful that you allowed yourself to pass them up.. but I am here to help get you something close to what you really want. I am no miracle worker though so say the word ‘similar’ in your head a few times before looking at my picks. Kk here we go. 🙂

So yeah, these bad boys are all sold out.. so here’s some bad boys that are close enough and just as cute to keep your heart happy.

If you dear friends happen to find anymore picks that are long gone but you still want, you just let me know.. and I will do some digging. Adios friends!

Xo, Ciera


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