You’ve got it in the bag


I am back once again and so very sorry for my week-long absence that I semi-willingly/not very willingly took. Ya girl just got a lotta bit busy in the last week and I had to get some stuff done, go to cheer camp, do some homework, and take a final or two. Now that I have made it through what I would consider the longest weekend of my life, I am back and more ready than ever to get the bloggy-blog back up and runnin’.

No joke I think I got 10 hours of sleep from Thursday-Sunday so I actually think you guys should be thankful that I didn’t post some gibberish for you all to attempt to read. Who knows what I would have come up with or what you would have been subjected to.. nothing good I would assume.

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But anywayyyy, today I have a requested post coming your way so it’s time to get your reading pants on, open your ojos and enjoy. πŸ™‚ Unless you enjoy carrying around your belongings in your hands, miniscule pockets, or knapsacks you most likely use a bag of some sort.. whether it be a backpack, purse, satchel or one of those reusable bags from Costco.

There are many different kinds of people out there and the perfect bag is not any easier to find than a low-calorie, actually delicious cake. Ya know some people pack their whole life in their bag, while others only seem to keep a single mint and a sliver of chapstick in theirs.. so with that being said, the peeps with the little stuff and need for a small crossbody will always be so different from the woman that keeps her 6 children and all of their fidget spinners in her purse. So with that being said, each bag is different, and I am bringing you all of em right here. πŸ™‚

Enjoy these bags and pack em full the way you should.. it’s not a success unless you have 8 water bottles and 4 boxes of Kleenex all packed in there. K love you lots.

Xo, Ciera

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