The Final #Nsale Post

Heyo yo yo,

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is coming to an end and as sad as I am to see it go, my bank accounts and credit cards could not be happier. This sale absolutely wrecked me financially, but ya girl is gonna be looking fineeeee come fa

ll. I can’t even fathom all of the good things I got from the sale.. I could cry with happiness for real. Each time I seemed to look online or take a peek at the app, I added something else to my cart and just had to purchase. And knowing myself, I will probably be back for one final purchase before August 5th when prices go up!

Like I said last week, I definitely had some good faves from the sale. My brain is already swirling around with a lot of ideas for fall outfit planning and I could not be more excited for my favorite time of year to be making its way back around. Also since we are using this Thursday as a favorites day, I am bringing you all of my favorites that are still in stock from the #nsale, so you can start building that fall wardrobe before the leaves have already fallen and 40 pumpkin spice lattes have been purchased.

I also decided to include a little styling tip with each item for a little pizazz, wild I know. 🙂

Well dear friends, if you have put off shopping the Nordstrom sale it is finally time to put on your big girl panties and place that order you’ve been debating for far too long. Once it’s gone sadness ensues and you most definitely don’t want to be paying full price for something you could have gotten a much better deal on only a short week ago. Okay, shop shop shop.

Xo, Ciera


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