Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Hey boo boos,

Hope all is well with you beautiful people and life is trucking along as great as it can be in the heat of summer and beginning of school. Somehow I kinda thought that small children starting school would mean less traffic and more sleeping, but I sat at a light for 7 minutes this morning and was also up by 6.. but who am I to complain?! The thing is about the end of summer is bright colors and fun stripes start to come to an end, so we might as well wear ’em while we still can.

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I would never ever want any of you to miss out on the joy that is rainbow stripes… and a trip to the harshly-lit mall to spend a couple minutes touching a lot of candy to then have to buy it.. because germs ya know. But really you could skip out on the candy store (why would you want to though?) and suit up in the brightest, wildest patterns you can  imagine to finish out summer with a bang. I’m talkin some candy stripes, green palms, and big ol stars.

Photo Jul 16, 2 58 57 PM


And before any of you avid readers say that you just can’t pull off the ca-razyyyy patterns.. go look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are the cutest gumdrop button you have ever seen, be a brave soul, and throw on some damn pattern. As long as you are wearing it well and not mixing to your 4-year-old self’s standards, everything should be a okay. This is also the perfect time to branch out with your wardrobe.. summer ends in about a month and a half, so that gives you about 44 days to liven it up sister friend. And here I am providing you with a whole lot of cuteness to strut your stiff in until September 21st. 🙂

So show everyone you know that blackest-black isn’t the only pattern and color combination you know, and get to struttin.

Xo, Ciera



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