Wednesday Favorites.. on a Thursday :)


So you know me, always one day behind and probably a few screws loose, but I would never ever forget to bring you a favorites typa post. They’ve always got me feelin some type of way.. There just really is something magical about the three things each week that I really like, being posted here to you in about 300 words. Just kidding, it’s not that magical, but it sure is helpful when you’re on the lookout for that good good, and I am presenting it here for you now.

Lately I have developed my mother’s tendencies and spend most of my days, ordering and then returning. And on the days I am not doing that, I am buying in person and then driving back to the mall a day later to return it (I can’t have returns sit in my room for more than a weekend.. CLUTTER. EVERYWHERE) And although I am a regular at the mall and have that express checkout down on all of my favorite websites, I would love to no longer be a serial buyer/returner. A girl can dream ya know.. Buuuuut it comes with the territory because I like lots of stuff and guess and check is the only method to my madness.

Now that I am kinda getting the hang of this shopping to clothe and beautify a village thing though, I am starting to learn just what I need and exactly what you all like. So here are Ciera’s picks of the week for your enjoyment.

UNO – The Charlotte Tilbury glow palette is creamy pressed powder shtuff for your face that goes on like a dream. TBH I bought it during the Nsale, so it was more than half off and without the discount you may have to sell a few buckets of plasma, but I would say worth it. It has bronzer, highlight, blush, and setting powder all in the same palette!

DOS – Even just saying that I use the ‘Anastasia Beverly Hills’ eyebrow gel and liner makes me feel cooler than it should. This set blends super well and doesn’t get clumpy as you apply. Coming from a girl with non-existent half eyebrows, this gets two thumbs up.

TRES – OUAI thinning hair supplements have been the holy grail gift from God over on this front. I wear my hair in buns 90% of the time, and my hair was just not a fan of those decisions so it decided to dip out on me. These supplements are helping my hair return to its former glory.

Welp, peace out party people.

Xo, Ciera


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