Fall.. oh how I’ve missed you

Hi pretties,

Welcome welcome to a fashion post back on a Tuesday as it is supposed to be, which can only mean one thing.. I have finally finished my summer classes so life can now go on full of happiness and unicorns! I don’t even know what to do with myself for the next two weeks without homework but I think actually getting blogposts up on time is a good start. 🙂 Maybe I will start pogostick-ing or finish a book or something, who really knows.

Back on track, Ciera. Bring it back.

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If you read my title you are now fully aware that I am trying to scoot summer along to the end and force fall upon all of you. You don’t have to accept it, but whether you want it to or not, it is coming in full force gosh dangit. Fall is by far my favorite season to dress for because I prefer a good pair of jeans to some shorts any day of the week. And before you go assuming that it is because I have to shave my legs less or something, just know you are wrong.. it is solely because I don’t have to tan my legs as often. VERY DIFFERENT.

Even though fall is about a month and a half away, it is still warm out (just giving you this update in case you haven’t left the house for a couple weeks or something) So in this interim weather it is very difficult to decide what kind of shopping should be done.. do you buy summer clothes and only wear them once before it becomes prickly leg season or stock up on fall essentials and die of heat exhaustion in your chunky scarves??

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The correct answer is to buy the transition pieces that will take you from summer to fall. If you see a cute dress you MUST have, buy that baby, wear it twice, and then pair it with a jean jacket come fall. Or maybe you buy a suede jacket for fall and decide to pair it with some cutoffs and wedges for a summer night out. There are no problems, only solutions, PEOPLE!

So in this special edition of a fashion post by me, I am going to show you some summer and fall attire that can be mixed and matched until the snow starts to fall. Style them up or down until mid-October and then you can feel free to make that full transition into wearing 7 parkas as an outfit. Okay, here’s the goods. 🙂

Welp, hooray for fall rolling in slowly but surely. Get that wardrobe going now before it is too late.

Xo, Ciera

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