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Hey hey hey,

Tis a beautiful Tuesday morning here in Oregon with Bella on my lap, deer most likely running around outside (I mean I would guess they are, it’s nature) and a loss of voice that seems to linger just as the smoke has done. But no days off, no rest for the wicked, only the strong survive.. and all of those other sayings that people use on fitness instas and inspirational posts. I say this like I didn’t just take 6 days off from writing a post, but now kinda makes up for it. #onmygrind #blessed

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Alright I am done now with all of the talk about my lack of workin, and here to discuss a good ‘ol graphic tee. Ya know from about 3rd grade on I was the queen of a sassy & graphic tee. I zoomed right past the Lisa Frank designs and ‘Princess’ sayings and jumped right into the good ones like a cat on a yarn ball looking like wrecking ball Miley, and the best sayings.. such as ‘I literally do not care’. The feistier the better in my opinion.

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Photos by Ashlyn Moreno

Along with my vast collection of wordy tops and patterned tees, I LOVE to throw in a good band tee any day that ends in Y and really whenever a shirt is necessary.. So if you’re doing the math here that would mean I wear a band tee almost everyday of the week. Now here is the other thing about my band tees though, just because I am wearing it does not indicate that I know a single song by the band, have ever once enjoyed their music, or intend to pretend to know anything about the lead singer’s cousin’s mom’s dog. đŸ™‚ If I like the shirt, it is on my body.

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Photo Aug 06, 3 30 19 PM

Band tees are the best freakin things to pair with any outfit. Girly mini skirt and some heels? Add a band tee to give it a little edge. Just wearing jeans and don’t want to put on anything too fancy? Band tee says you live life to the fullest and don’t conform to shirt rules. Actually like the band on the tee? ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WEAR THE TEE.. Jk, you’re really allowed to wear it then. No matter how you wear it, just remember it is always a good idea. And as part of my peer pressure to get you to wear them, here are picks for the ones you need in your life.

Well that’s it, honey boo boo children. I hope you enjoyed this installment, and in the wise words of Journey – any way you (wear) it, that’s the way you need it, any way you (wear) it. Go get out there and rock that tee girrrrrl.

Xo, Ciera

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