The answer is always yes

Hey gal pals & boy toys,

I have another post coming to you at the correct day and time, so if you could just get a little excited, maybe send me a congratulatory cake, or transfer $10000 into my bank account that would be super cool.. but I guess as long as you read on in this post and keep coming back to the blog, I will take that as a token of your gratitude. Tokens of gratitude get you nothing beside having to read more of my chatty chat 2-3 times a week.. you’re welcome.

Today is a Wednesday (if you are not previously aware of how a calendar works, that means it is a Favorites post.. the Mayans wrote that in, I promise). And the topic of today’s favorites post is to always say yes. You are about to become your own personal yes wo(MAN) this week when it comes to all things I really like.

Also starting this week (because I just decided this) I will now be including more categories in my favorite things than ever before. I will now be adding songs, artists, movies, accessories, and maybe even dog breeds with lots of cute pictures. Now don’t say I never did anything for ya. 😉

But I will get us goin on my favorites today because ain’t nobody got time for all of this nonsense I have a-brewin, Without further ado, my favessss of the week.

  1. So as I was online shopping I thought to myself, Ciera do you really need another water bottle.. especially one with spikes on it? Immediately I answered no in my head, but I decided to form that into a yes by asking myself, Ciera do you need to drink more water and look cute doing it? YES. So I purchased this adorable bkr glass bottle to keep me looking cute while hydrating. WIN WIN. It doesn’t get a funny smell like some water bottles do and is surprisingly well insulated. 
  2. Next question for today was, Ciera are you try to listen to that good good or just some mediocre hood sh*t? I decided to go with that good good, and I will bestow upon you the musical innerworkings and beauty that is Billie Eilish. She’s got a kinda creepy vibe to her that I sorta dig. Start with ‘Ocean Eyes’ then ‘You Should See Me in a Crown’ and then you will be ready for the rest of her jams.                
  3. And finally I have asked myself countless times, Ciera would you like to bring back all of your childhood accessories like scrunchies and hair bows? No question here, most definitely yes. I love a good ponytail hair bow because it says I’m girly, cute and could be 12 in a good way.. if there is a good way to say that?? Who knows, but I think they make a boring outfit fun.                                                 

Well dear friends, like I said.. always say yes. Live a little. Have some fun. Until next time.

Xo, Ciera

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