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Hi boo boos,

Who knows what name I am going to call you all week-to-week.. it’s just kinda what ever comes in to my brain first gets written out, and this week it is boo boos. You’re welcome. So everyone rewind to last week when I was very excited about setting a date for graduation next spring? Fast forward just a little bit to Saturday when my sudden intense panic attack came on about the fact that I may be graduating, but I have no idea what to do in the real world, and what if I suck at it and all of that? So needless to say I stressed myself out immensely last weekend, but I think I am a pretty smart gal and will be able to figure life out as I need to. Any words of encouragement would also be great though. <3

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With that being said, the best way to destress myself is with a lot of retail therapy. Minor issue when you’ve got no cash money, but I decided to make due with what I got. During my browsing I decided to go with pieces that would already fit with things I had in my closet so I wasn’t creating entirely new looks.. what a concept, right? (If only I would have practiced this concept the last 21 years)

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But anyway, ya know I keep up with the trends and stuff as much as I can, so I decided that I was going to base a bunch of my fall outfits around jumpers. A jumper is that cute little overall-skirt-dress lookin thing and let me tell you, it looks absolutely adorable with tights and booties once its cold. Jumpers are just so chic to me and you don’t even have to wear pants.. major bonus. I love styling a jumper with a crop tube top and some fun shoes in the summer and then taking it into fall and winter with a waffle-knit turtleneck and some booties. The point of my rambling is to say that I think a jumper should be a fun staple in your closet for the upcoming cold season, and here to back me up on this claim are a couple of my favorites. 🙂

Well friends, jump on it and get yourself a jumper to be the trendiest girl this fall & winter.

Xo, Ciera


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